Developing A Body Paragraph

For this discussion, you will develop one BODY paragraph of your research paper. Your paragraph will begin with one of the topic sentences from your sentence outline. (Feel free to revise the topic sentence if you think it would be beneficial.) It will then provide major and minor details to develop the idea in the topic sentence. Consider where evidence from your sources will help support your ideas, and make sure you comment on the evidence to show how it supports the topic sentence. Post your paragraph here.

Week 5, Discussion 2: Semi-Colons and Colons

Contains unread posts

In this discussion, we will consider ways to effectively use semi-colons and colons.

Initial post (by Friday): 

Post a sentence from your own writing that uses a semi-colon or colon OR post a sentence from your own writing that you could revise to use a semi-colon or colon and make the revision.

Explain why the semi-colon or colon fits into your sentence and why you might choose to use it instead of alternative ways of constructing and punctuating the sentence.

Guided response (by Sunday):

Respond to one of your classmates, considering the following questions:

  • Is the semi-colon or colon used in accordance with this week’s Grammar Lab lessons?
  • Is the semi-colon or colon an effective choice in the writer’s sentence? Why or why not?
  • What alternatives would you suggest, if any?

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