Final Business Plan Paper

Business Plan Project: This is a business plan, not a paper about business plans. This is an individual assignment designed to familiarize the student with all aspects of starting a company, as well as creating growth in an existing company. The business plan will use The Small Business Administration ( web site for guidance. There is 30 minute online course here, as well as, several templates to incorporate into your business plan. It will also require outside research and at least two outside references. Remember this may be a document that is submitted to a financial institution in the quest for funding. Please use spell checking, and proper grammar as the completed document will be submitted to the Canvas drop box and inspected by the TurnItIn system.

The Paper will consist of the following:

• A cover page with your name, date, semester, and course information.
• The paper will use the “Arial” or Times New Roman font with a type point size of 12, double spaced with margins no greater than 1”.
• It must be grammatically correct and all spelling must be checked.
• The final paper will consist of at least 1500 words, yes it may be more.
• The paper must provide footnotes and/or full credits for reference material used. (Must include a minimum of two (2) references outside of the text).
• The attached Course Rubric will be used to guide the review of this assignment.
• Be APA version 6 compliant.

The Business Plan Project must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.docx) format (be sure of this, Mac users and Works users, if I cannot open your paper, I cannot grade it).

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