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Do you suffer from male pattern baldness Thinning hair

Hair Revival X Review  in men is a persistent and embarrassing problem for far too many gentlemen nowadays. This is not a trivial problem or a purely cosmetic concern hair loss can seriously lower one’s self-esteem and confidence. This in turn can negatively affect the way one relates to other people in professional and personal circumstances.

Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is most often attributed to genetic causes. This type of hair loss in men is caused by the androgen DHT (dihydrotestosterone) a hormone that binds with hair follicles. In excessive quantities it can cause baldness. Those with inherited male pattern baldness have a greater number of DHT receptors in their hair follicles.With so many remedies out there failing to deliver the hair growth results that they promise more and more men who suffer from male pattern baldness are becoming increasingly resigned to their condition. In effect they lose hope forcing themselves to accept that they will never experience a full head of hair again. However there ARE several things that can be done to address balding or thinning hair in men. Here’s a quick rundown of some great options.

Scalp massage Insufficient blood circulation through your scalp is a common cause of hair loss. Fortunately you can remedy this with a quick and easy scalp massage. Use your fingertips to rub gently but firmly along your hairline for ten to fifteen minutes daily. Make sure you get the blood flowing. This way your follicles pull more nutrients from your blood allowing for better hair regrowth.

Healthy living A diet poor in protein and iron can exacerbate hair loss in men as can an excessively stressful lifestyle. Increase the essential nutrients your follicles need for hair regrowth by making sure to always eat healthy and nutritious meals. Try to avoid undue stress in your personal and professional life too much.

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