BUS 206 Final Discussion

As you are finishing up the course, reflect on your experience.

  • What topic did you find the most interesting and why?
  • How have your ideas and perceptions changed about business law and its scope?
  • How will you use the information you learned in this course in your personal and professional life?

The Contemporary Value Chain Model in Action

Unit 1 Assignment: The Contemporary Value Chain Model in Action

This assignment is an opportunity for you to relate what you learned about the Contemporary Value Chain Model to your own knowledge and experience. The purpose of the assignment is for you to demonstrate a graduate level understanding of the direct correlation between the elements comprising the Contemporary Value Chain and the customer’s purchase experience.


  1. Use the already APA formatted template in Course Documents titled “Unit 1 Assignment Template Contemporary Value Chain” as your starting point for this assignment. Download the template and save it as your own document, for example, YourNameUnit1GB570.docx.
  2. Think about a horrible purchase experience — one you will never forget and perhaps because of which you will never buy anything from that brand ever again. Perhaps you told other people how shockingly bad this purchase experience was. In your paper you will describe the experience using the directions included within the Unit 1 Assignment template.
  3. Consider your Library research from the Discussion and Chapter 1 of your textbook. Internet references are not accepted for this assignment, although you may use Internet research for your own learning. At least two different sources are required to be used as references for this assignment, one from the textbook and at least one article from the Library.
  4. Think about what the (brand name) company could/should have implemented within their value chain to have ensured your experience was not bad, but instead left you with surpassed expectations (a delighted customer).
  5. Write a 4–6-page paper, not including the title and Reference pages, applying at least four of the elements in the Contemporary Value Chain Model and suggest how the company can improve the customer experience by fixing value chain elements. This is your opportunity not only to see where the brand’s value chain was not working properly, but to recommend what needs to be done so future customers have delightful experiences.
  6. Write your paper using first person perspective.
  7. Include a conclusion summarizing the paper’s content without introducing any new information.
  8. Support your response’s content with at least two separate sources, applied and cited references from a Library article and your textbook. Apply and cite no more than one referenced sentence per paragraph. Internet references are not accepted for this Unit 1 Assignment. Use APA in-text citations within the response and list the applied reference(s) at the end of the response using APA formatting. APA formatting resources are available in the Academic Resources area titled, “APA Style Central.”

Directions for Submitting your Assignment

Proofread your paper, confirm correct APA formatting, run spell check and grammar check, and proofread again. Compose your assignment in a Microsoft Word document and save it as YourNameUnit1GB570.docx. Submit your file by selecting the Unit 1 Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 1

Use The Ideas In The Document Plus Your New Ideas

use the ideas in the document plus your new ideas to make this document a 6 page… is like you are revising the paper… the student says it is a revision..,

teachers comments: Over all the paper was missing a lot of detail… Also, page 3 information need to be taken out.  the teacher feels that ages and locations are not important to the argument.

MLA formating

Direct quoits

strong argument

argue both sides of the question

a good hook/intro

paragraph 2 (Context) needs definitions of “deployments” and “divorce”

A Survival Guide For Leaders-Adaptive Change D5

Define adaptive change and examples. How does this work – making an adaptive change with a technical approach? AT LEAST 8-10 SENTENCES. READINGS AND VIDEO LINKS ARE ATTACHED BELOW…

1. “A Survival Guide for Leaders” pp. 99 – 118

2. “The Real Reason People Won’t Change” pp. 119 – 136

3. “Cracking the Code of Change” pp. 137 – 154

LINK FOR READINGS…HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Change Management, Harvard Business Review Press, 2011

The Real Reason People Won’t Change-Big Assumptions D6

Big Assumptions, How do these shape our reality about a change? AT LEAST 8-10 SENTENCES. READINGS AND VIDEO LINKS ARE ATTACHED BELOW…

1. “A Survival Guide for Leaders” pp. 99 – 118

2. “The Real Reason People Won’t Change” pp. 119 – 136

3. “Cracking the Code of Change” pp. 137 – 154

LINK FOR READINGS HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Change Management, Harvard Business Review Press, 2011


Review the example for the diagnostic test for immunity to change (p. 126).  How could you use this process to better understand employees’ immunity to change?  Provide examples for two employees (either employees in a current change situation at your work, from a situation you find on the internet, or some hypothetical example. AT LEAST 10 SENTENCES. LINK FOR READINGS BELOW…

LINK FOR READINGS- HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Change Management, Harvard Business Review Press, 2011



Semiotic Analytical Essay On Batman: Dark Knight Movie Poster

Batman The Dark Knight APA Citation analysis must incorporate textual analysis and an ideological breakdown of the media text and should aim to address the following questions: What conventions, codes, or signs are present in the text? what is the denotation and connotation of these signs? How am I being asked to engage with the media text? What am I being asked to think about with this text? Is this text challenging dominant ideology or reaffirming it? (Think about representations of gender, social structures, instituations of power) Includes a clear statement of your argument and methodology (method of analysis) for example “in this essay, I will be doing a semiotic analysis of the Batman: Dark Knight movie poster” address 4-5 signs in the poster and analyse the denotative and connotative meanings eg uses of visual signs (colour, framing, character, logos, etc.) analysis of connotive meanings should focus on representation and ideology you should aim to reflect on the social or cultural meaning of the work as implicit in the signs – does the work reinforce traditional power imbalances or challenge the status quo? The essay must finish with a conclusion where you summarise your main argument must include images illustrating key points 1600 words please ensure that relative pictures and images are used and related back to within the essay as it is stated it needs to be a ′visual essay′


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Important Educatirs

Important Educators of Today There have been many influential people in education, some educators, some philosophers, some psychologists… Instructions: Write at least 50 words on each of these newer influential educators. Emphasize what their educational contributions are. Ruby Payne Spencer Kagan Spence Rogers Harry Wong E.D. Hirsch, Jr.

Course Project Milestone

Required Resources

Read/ Textbook: Chapter 12


Minimum of 5 scholarly sources (This includes the sources from the annotated bibliography. Additional sources may be included as appropriate.)

Return to the topic you chose in the week three assignment. Articulate a specific dilemma in a situation faced by a particular person based on that topic. The situation can be real or fictional.

Revise and rewrite based on any feedback you received in your previous draft (week three). Reference and discuss any professional code of ethics relevant to your topic such as the AMA code for doctors, the ANA code for nurses, etc.  State whether and how your chosen topic involves any conflicts between professional and familial duties or conflicts between loyalty to self and loyalty to a community or nation.

What in your view is the most moral thing for that person to do in that dilemma? Why is that the most moral thing? Use moral values and logical reasoning to justify your answer

Next, apply the following:

Aristotle’s Golden Mean to the dilemma

Utilitarianism to the dilemma

Natural Law ethics to the dilemma

Which of those three theories works best ethically speaking? Why that one?

Why do the other two not work or not work as well?

Is it the same as what you said is the most moral thing earlier? Why or why not?

Use the 5 articles from your annotated bibliography to support your answers. (Additional academic scholarly research from the past 5 years can be included as well.)

Include a reference page at the end of your paper in APA format that includes your bibliography with the annotations removed and any other sources used in your final paper.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: 4-5 pages (not including title page or references page)

1-inch margins

Double spaced

12-point Times New Roman font

Title page

References page (minimum of 5 scholarly sources)

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The Government’s Role in the Economy

Now that you have been introduced to different economic systems in Chapter 17 and the government’s role in the economy in Chapter 18, watch the video “5 Reasons Income Inequality Has Become a Major Political Issue” about the growing wealth gap in the U.S. Answer the following questions in a post of at least 150 words:

  1. What type of economic system does the U.S. have?
  2. In what ways does the U.S. government intervene in the economy? Who benefits from government intervention?
  3. According to the video, what economic changes have to lead to growing income inequality in the U.S.? In what ways do you feel the impact of income inequality in your own life?