Research Question And Hypothesis Exercise

1. Start your assignment with an introductory paragraph about your research topic and why it is of interest and a research “puzzle.”  CYBER SEX CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN

2. Provide a purpose statement that conveys your intentions about what you hope to produce.

3. Pull out the dependent (DV) and independent variable(s) (IV) that you are interesting it looking at. This needs to be specific and you need to discuss ideas for how you might go about measuring the impact that the IV as on the DV. You need to focus on one or two specific variables (and discuss how they are defined), otherwise, your research will quickly spin out of control as you will not have the capacity to effectively address the relationship between all the variables.

4. Develop Hypothesis: A statement for how a change or condition in one or more independent variables cause(s) a change or condition in a dependent variable.

4 pages of content (double spaced in times-new roman font), not including the title page, and a “references list or bibliography” page.

Healthcare Capstone Project

TOPIC: Strategic Implementation

Please see previously suggested changes ATTACHED

Your boss likes the directions that your recommendations have been going, and you have been asked to further develop the plan. The board and chief financial officer (CFO) will need to budget and plan for change implementation, but the health information management (HIM), compliance, and medical departments are concerned about compliance breach risk exposure.

For this assignment, you will write a paper of 5–7 pages with at least 5 relevant and contemporary references that discusses the following:

  • Continuing with the changes that you have suggested previously for the same organization that you chose in Unit 1, determine the implementation challenges for management and operations,      marketing, finance and accounting, research and development, and information systems, focusing on compliance and breach protocols.
  • Provide suggestions to overcome the challenges based on the organizational structure, communication methods, and training. Include a timeline that indicates the timing at which each      change should be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency.
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SOCW 6070: Organizational Culture And Client Treatment

SOCW 6070 WK 3 Discussion 1: Organizational Culture and Client Treatment

After reading the assigned resources about leadership types and skills, as well as information about attending to tasks and relationships, you may be starting to develop ideas about how an administrator’s leadership style and philosophy can either facilitate or limit social change efforts. The way in which social work administrators interact with diverse stakeholders such as clients, staff, board members, and community members, contributes to a model of service delivery that emphasizes quality and effectiveness.

Questions in bold then answerers 300 to 500 words this is a discussion

Post how a social work administrator’s personal leadership philosophy and style may influence a human services organization’s culture.

Also, explain how the organization’s culture might influence a social work administrator’s personal leadership style.

Finally, explain how interactions with stakeholders may ultimately impact the organization’s treatment of clients.

Be sure to provide specific examples in your explanations.

Support your post with specific references to the resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.


Northouse, P. G. (2021). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (5th ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

Chapter 6, “Engaging Strengths” (pp. 127-158)

Chapter 3, “Understanding Leadership and Styles” (pp. 57–77)

Chapter 4, “Attending to Tasks and Relationships” (pp. 79-99)

Presenting Arguments

Presenting Arguments

[WLOs: 2, 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 5]

In this class, we learn to evaluate issues in light of the reasoning on all sides prior to arriving at conclusions. We aim to evaluate the quality and quantity of evidence, striving to be as objective as we can about what is most likely to be true.

If you have not done so already, begin by choosing a topic from the Final Paper Options list (located in your online classroom) to use in your writing assignments in this course. The next step is to formulate a specific research question that is important regarding this topic. You may review The Research Process (Links to an external site.) resource for more information. So, if your topic is gun control, you would formulate a specific question, such as, “Are universal background checks effective at reducing violent crime in America?”

Once you have formulated your question, conduct research from non-scholarly sources on the internet (e.g., news articles, op-eds, etc.) that present  substantive reasoning on each side of the issue.

Your task is to present and evaluate the reasoning from a non-scholarly source on each side of your issue. There is no need to take sides on the issue at this stage. In your analysis, strive to be as objective as possible, evaluating the reasoning from a neutral point of view. For an example of how to complete this paper, take a look at the Week 1 Example paper.

Your paper should include clearly labeled sections addressing the following elements:

  • Introduction (approximately 100 words)
    • Explain your topic.
    • State the specific question that you are addressing.
  • Presentation of an Argument
    • Describe the non-scholarly source (e.g., an op-ed, newspaper article, website, etc.) on one side of the issue.
      • Summarize the key points made (approximately 50 words).
    • Present what you see as the main argument from that source. Make sure to present your argument in standard form, with the premises listed above the conclusion. (approximately 100 words)
    • Evaluate the quality of the reasoning in this source (approximately 200 words)
      • In completing your evaluation, consider assessing how well the research supports the premises of the main argument and how strongly the reasoning supports the conclusion of that argument.
  • Presentation of an Argument on the Other Side of the Issue
    • Describe the non-scholarly source on the opposite side of the issue.
      • Summarize the key points made. (approximately 50 words)
    • Present what you see as the main argument from that source. (Make sure to present your argument in standard form, with the premises listed above the conclusion.) (approximately 100 words)
    • Evaluate the quality of the reasoning in this source (approximately 200 words)
      • In completing your evaluation, consider assessing how well the research supports the premises of the main argument and how strongly the reasoning supports the conclusion.

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The Presenting Arguments paper

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Essay #3


Please compose a 4-5-page essay responding to one of the two questions below, drawing on course themes, lectures, films, and readings. Be sure to cite specific concepts, ideas, quotations, and examples in building your arguments. The best essays will reference key readings and ideas while demonstrating original thinking in answering the questions. Please upload your essay by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, December 15th.  Your grade will be based on:

1. (40 points) – The extent to which the response demonstrates an understanding of key concepts and thoughtfully and thoroughly answers the questions
2. (40 points) – The depth of the analysis, including reference to specific citations and examples and attention to the connections between materials
3. (20 points) – The overall quality of the work, including evidence of effort, logic and reasoning, and conformity to the formatting guidelines

Essay prompt:

Drawing on course readings—in particular the cases of Japanese-Brazilian return migration and Muslim women in France—please compose an essay that examines 1) the conditions that can negatively impact experiences of social belonging among transnational migrants; and 2) how transnational migrants define and defend their cultural identities while living away from their homelands.

Formatting Guidelines

Please use 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one-inch margins all around.  Be sure to include page numbers and a title for your essay.  Please cite your sources parenthetically, with page numbers noted for direct quotes—for example (Smith 2015: 22)—and include a works cited page.  Following these formatting guidelines, the paper should be 4-5 pages in length, excluding the works cited page.

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Self Critique

MDC ONLINE – SPC2608Self Critiques


This assignment provides you an opportunity to critique the delivery skills, structure, and content of your speeches. You can use these critiques for self-improvement.


Complete two (2) critiques of your performance in the speeches you performed in class this semester. You can write a critique on the Introduction, Impromptu, Commemorative, or Informative Speeches. In the essays, address aspects of delivery (strengths and weaknesses), structure (strengths and weaknesses), and content (strengths and weaknesses). Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion.

You should discuss:

  1. What you did well,
  2. Where you struggled, and
  3. Offer a detailed plan for improving future speeches.


Each of the two (2) critiques should be 1-2 pages (a minimum 5-paragraph essay) and double-spaced. Use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Be sure to include your name on your work. Be sure to proofread.

NOTE: The essay will be graded using the Gordon Rule Rubric

Adversarial Argumentation

Your assignment is to write a 3 to 4 page essay that explores and explains the problematic and exclusionary history of argumentation in Western societies. Be sure to note the the linguistic connotation of argument in US culture as well as the exclusionary history of those who were privileged to practice formal argumentation. Moreover, your essay should document the manner in which women and men of color were socially constructed as incapable of engaging in rational, dispassionate debate.

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Organizational Communication Final

Hello All,

This is our final assessment and the instructions are as follow: you are to choose ONE (1) question, the answer should be 5-6 pages in length (Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced). Each answer requires a bibliography/works cited page and a cover page. You are to submit the assignment via Brightspace.

Question 1

Using any TWO (2) organizational communication processes or approaches discussed this semester, demonstrate using a case of your choice how (i) the approaches/processes complement each other and (ii) how the approaches/processes  explain the organizational communication behavior in the case.


Question 2

Using any THREE (3) organizational communication processes or approaches discussed this semester, using the case provided demonstrate how (i) the approaches/processes complement each other and (ii) how the approach/process explains the communication behaviour in the case.

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I need these questions in about 150 words each

I’m anticipating some more thoughtful, substantive posts on a fairly complex topic that we’re learning about- Hinduism!

“I spent a brief time in India, immersed in a Hindu environment with infusions of Muslim and Christian culture. One of the most impacting moments was walking the “red light district” of the Sanagachi neighborhood of Kolkatta (Calcutta). There were hundreds of “gods” being crafted out of wood, wire, plaster and paint that were being readied to be paraded in one of the many annual Hindu festivals.”

It’s very poor area…sewage ran in the streets and beggars abounded. But we were there to touch something even darker–the scourge of human trafficking, sex slavery. Young girls, and boys, were being held captive in brothels from house to house which is completely normal and part of the culture. (BTW, you don’t have to go all the way to Kolkatta to find such evils–Orlando near where I live is one of the most active centers for human trafficking on this side of the globe.)

1. What do you think makes this human tragedy able to be accepted as standard industry–the use and abuse of young human bodies? I propose this for at least part of the answer: The fundamental worth of the individual.

I see that under Hindu like some other religions, the individual only has significant worth if he/she is born into the higher caste. That produces deep darkness—I feel like I’ve seen it first-hand. In contrast, under Judeo-Christian influence (and here’s my bias), EVERY individual has great worth because EVERY person bears the image of God their Creator. That produces great light–I’ve seen that firsthand through the lives of precious Indian people (and Floridians) who are in there sacrificing and serving to set the captives free. My daughter has been one of them.

2. Anyone else have a burden for the victims of human trafficking?


I was naturally drawn toward the “peace and love” ideal as a teen, but fortunately I was being drawn even more to God’s Truth (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) which is more powerful than man’s empty wishes for things & people to be nice in a fallen world.

It turns out that His Peace is a reality in us through the work of Jesus alone (cf. Ephesians 2); I discovered that in college days.

3. When was that for you? (Please share with us on that level).


Looking forward to discussion on a religion that is probably quite obscure to most, if not all of us.

4. Wondering…has anyone ever met a Jain? I have not, but I have a feeling that if I apply myself to understanding their faith and practice, and keeping praying for them, that God will direct my path to meet and even get to know some of these folks.

When I do, will I be more Jiva or Ajiva I wonder?

Faith And Learning

  • Write an Essay on Multireligionism or Multisexualism, based on the readings of Greer and Anderson. The paper should be 3-4 pages in length. It should include insights on what you found fruitful and engaging as well as two or three questions raised after reading the material. You must refer to the concepts / ideas that were new to you from the textbooks in your reflections and reference the textbook.
  • Journal 2AssignmentWrite a one to two page reflection on the entirety of Unit Two, with a particular emphasis upon how the information presented via readings, discussion boards and YouTube video has impacted your own spiritual life.