The literature review in a dissertation serves to illuminate the research gap and thereby justify the necessity of the study and the proposed study methodology. Though this purpose remains consistent across all methodologies, the structure of the literature review section of a qualitative dissertation often differs slightly from that of a quantitative dissertation. For example, literature reviews in quantitative dissertations are dominantly constructed around the variables while those in qualitative dissertations can be constructed in many ways. In this assignment, you will contrast the structures of a qualitative and a quantitative literature review and consider a rationale for those differences.

General Requirements:

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

  • Review the Vangilder (qualitative) dissertation. (ATTACHED)
  • Review the Wigton (quantitative) dissertation. (ATTACHED)
  • APA style is required for this assignment.
  • You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.


Write a paper (600-750 words) in which you contrast the structures of the qualitative and quantitative dissertations referenced above and provide a rationale for the differences. Include the following in your paper:

  1. A clear description of the primary differences between the structures of the literature reviews.
  2. A rationale for the observed differences. What factors contributed to the differences the structures of these literature reviews?
  • attachment

  • attachment


Research Paper

For this assignment, you will research the strategic foundation for a sport ministry.

1. Provide a brief, introductory overview of the programs and activities for the sport ministry.

2. Provide a detailed explanation of all programs and activities based on anticipated participants.

3. Explain how the focus on intentional Christian ministry will be stressed throughout the activities.

Your paper must conform to current APA guidelines, include proper in-text citations and references, and be 3–5 pages, and contain a minimum of 2 sources in addition to the Bible.

The file naming convention must follow the example below, substituting the correct module, correct title, current semester, and current year:




Use standard research protocol. You are required to do quality research for your written assignments. Use the grading rubric provided to ensure your work is following expectations.

Ethical and Emotional Issues Regarding Consent in Research

  • Read Chapter 4 of Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research, thinking about the various ethical and emotional issues regarding consent in research.
  • Find examples of informed consent forms online to develop a template for your own.
  • Review the sample of an informed consent form from a prior student and consider how it may be applicable to your study. Click here for the sample.
  • Read through the “basic elements of informed consent” listed at the bottom of this page: Pay particular attention to the required elements for informed consent forms as well as to any additional elements that are appropriate to your study. (NOTE: There are some templates on this web page you may peruse as well, but keep in mind that some may be too detailed or not relevant.)
  • Develop a draft of an informed consent form to use with your study. Be sure it addresses all the required elements as well as any additional elements appropriate to your study.
  • attachment


Subjectivity Essay

1. The assignment should be about 5 pages in length. Follow an APA format to structure your paper and provide references if using any outside sources (besides class presentations or personal notes). You do not need to have a cover page.

2. You are free to structure the essay in a way that works for you, but these are some of the components I am looking for:

(a) Introduce your research question for the class project, and briefly talk about the population that you intend to study.

(b) Why did you choose to study this topic? What drew you to it, what motivates you to learn more about the topic?

(c) What is your position as the researcher here vis-a-vis your participants? What is your social location (gender, ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, education, etc.), your personal experience, or any relevant background in comparison to the participants you are studying? How do you think that will influence your study of the subject (e.g., building rapport and trust?)

(d) What are the qualities of ‘researcher as an instrument’ (refer back to Padgett, Chapter 1 and the Voice thread presentation from Week 2, “Introduction to Qualitative Research”) and how do you plan to bring these qualities to your research?

(e) What is the cultural component of your proposed study? What are some assumptions you may have about the population and the topic? Where do you fall on the staircase model of intercultural communication (refer to the Voice Thread slides for Week 3)? What elements in the cultural iceberg are you setting out to explore?


  • What are some of the major reasons/causes for/of migration and what types of obstacles do migrants often face around the word? Please provide specific examples from your textbook and the documentary film(s) you viewed on this topic.
  • What has been the pattern of immigration to the United States and how has this changed over time (perhaps because of changes in law, custom, attitudes, etc.)? Please provide specific examples from your textbook and the documentary film(s) you viewed on this topic.

Using Evidence-Based Practices

Using Evidence-Based Practices

For the first part of this discussion, address the following, using your readings and other resources you have identified to support your position:

  • Identify a presenting issue that is typically seen at your fieldwork site. This might be something like trauma, grief, chronic illness, domestic violence, and so on.
  • Locate at least one article in the current professional literature that discusses evidence-based approaches for working with this type of issue.
  • Summarize the key points of the article in your own words (do not use any direct quotations):
    • Describe the article’s position on the most effective approaches or interventions that can be used when working with clients who present this type of issue.
    • What is your own response to these findings? Are these the types of interventions used at your fieldwork—or that you would consider using yourself?
    • What other approaches do you think might also be effective when working with these presenting issues?
    • Support your ideas with reference to the literature or specific examples of your own experience in working with clients.

SOWK 725 Work Wel-Being And Social Policy

Assignment #1: Reaction Paper: Governor Hogan’s State of the State Address

Assignment One: Reaction Paper: Governor Hogan’s State of the State Address

Due Date: Watch (or read the transcript later) the 2021 State of the State Address. The paper is due February 12, in Blackboard by 12 Noon.

Plan to watch the Maryland 2021 State of the State Address that will be delivered by Governor Hogan on DATE TBD, 2021 at 12 Noon and repeated at 7:00 pm MPT (Maryland Public Television). MPT will be live streaming the address on their website

If you are unable to watch, a replay and or transcript should be available at or or at

After reviewing the speech, please respond to the following questions:

  1. Identify at least 3 social problems, related to or impacting working families, that were discussed in the speech.
  2. For each of the 3 problems that you identify, answer the following:
    1. What group of people or population is most impacted by this social problem?
    2. According to his speech, what is Governor Hogan’s position on it addressing this social problem? What is the impact of his recommendation on the affected group of people or population?
    3. If Governor Hogan’s position or recommendations to address the social problem does not happen, what is the impact on the affected group or population? Is there a counter argument to help the affected group?
  3. How does this discussion match with your expectations as a social worker?
  4. What policies were mentioned in the speech that will or could have an impact on US business and employees? How might some of the policies mentioned affect the workplace, EAPs, and the delivery of human services to working families?
  5. As an emerging social work professional, where is your greatest impact to help make progress in any one of the social problems you identified?

Paper Format: Papers should be 4-5 pages, double spaced. Papers should be submitted with the following subheadings:

  • Social Problem #1
  • Social Problem #2
  • Social Problem #3
  • Policy Discussion
  • Personal Application

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SOCW 6070 Responses

SOCW 6070 wk 11 discussion 1 responses:

2 peers posts provided must be responded to separately 

Respond to at least two colleagues by commenting on at least one idea he or she has shared and by suggesting and/or providing a resource that might be of assistance.

Peer 1

angela slaughter

RE: Discussion 1 – Week 11

Thoughts about your future career goals

Continuing professional development is the aim to advance my future career goals. The start began with the self-assessment, which enhanced my understanding of my strengths, characteristics, skills, values, and interests. I plan to deepen my knowledge of grant writing by attending training sessions, attending online conferences, and finding videos on leadership to help develop and enhance my skills and knowledge more effectively and make a change. I am considering volunteering to get network opportunities and widen my professional network. My aim in moving into a leadership or management position is to display characteristics with integrity, modesty, and being a servant leader, whereas performing confidently in my ability to learn and master my skills to accumulate new knowledge. Also, I plan to keep my support network close. I think sometimes leaders get lost and forget their way, which later affects their leadership. Being an effective leader, connecting and respecting others, and standing by the values and principles can be beneficial for the staff, stakeholders, and community. However, a challenge to expect is a “conflict between personal identity and role identity, which contributes to the high rate of burnout among nonprofit leaders” (Austin, Regan, Gothard & Carnochan, 2013, p. 382). Continuing to make time doing what I like, such as taking a break, family time, and exercise, is very important to keep and incorporate daily to alleviate stress to enhance ongoing thriving team building as an effective leader.


Austin, M. J., Regan, K., Gothard, S., & Carnochan, S. (2013). Becoming a manager in nonprofit human service organizations: Making the transition from specialist to generalist. Administration in Social Work, 37(4), 372-385

Peer 2

Eunice McLaurin

RE: Discussion 1 – Week 11

It seems that as I progress within the program, I find myself wanting to transition into a leadership position. However, I want to become a leader that advocates for change. The agency I am currently employed at does not individualize caseloads. Every case is based off the same goals and that is primarily to ensure the clients continue to have utility assistance. As a leader, I want to bring more outcomes to my clients besides paperwork. I would like to think that I could make a change and not just have a title. I would be more interested in becoming a leader rather than a manager. I am also interested in staying within the healthcare aspect of social work.

A social work administrator has its benefits but is also faced with challenges. Some of the challenges that an administrator may face is being able to manage the different roles within the agency. The administrator will have to be able to multitask, sometimes with extraordinarily little time. This can be overwhelming for the administrator because it may seem as if they are being pulled in different directions. The benefits of being a social work administrator is that I would be able to set goals and expectations for the agency (Jones, 2017). This will show that I am taking the necessary steps to implement change within the agency.


Jones, L. (2017). The future of social work administration: An interview with Felice D. Perlmutter. Retrieved from:

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Presentation

You will submit this document in written form on blackboard as a report with an original chart. You will then present your family and research explanation in class. Please prepare to speak for at least 7 minutes.

Prompt: Given the changing nature of family, students will describe what they believe the makeup of the average family of 2070 will be. You will specifically predict how the roles of men, women, and children will change.

· Students must cite at least one scholarly source per chosen trend; a minimum of 3 scholarly sources are required for this presentation. (Students will provide historical evidence and current statistics that supports the dynamic nature of the student’s 3 chosen trends)

· You will present a graph chart of your 3 trends over history to provide evidence for your future predictions. Through research, integration, and analysis of statistical and/or census data related to your chosen trends.

Example trends in families include:

– Shifts in gender roles

– increase in divorce rates

– decline in rates of marriage

– rise in cohabitation

– same-sex-marriage/couple

– increase in singlehood

– unmarried parenthood

– choosing to remain childless

– single parent families/blended families

· Has your opinion of family been affected by what you have learned and has it influenced your thoughts about the future of families?