Evaluation Plan

The will be used to develop a written implementation plan.

Step 1) Review your strategic plan to implement the change proposal, the objectives, the outcomes, and listed resources.

Step 2) Develop a process to evaluate the intervention if it were implemented.

Step 3) Write a 150-250  summary of the evaluation plan that will be used to evaluate your intervention.
Address the following in your summary:

  • What data was collected?
  • What tool will be used to collect the data?
  • Who will be responsible for collecting data?
  • How will this data be communicated to the team?

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are not required to submit this to LopesWrite.

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The goal of creating a newborn nutrition teaching presentation is to prepare the nursing student

The goal of creating a newborn nutrition teaching presentation is to prepare the nursing student to provide evidenced based education to the pre and postpartum client on lactation.


Select safe, effective nursing interventions for the postpartum client and newborn.


Create a teaching tool to promote breastfeeding. The material created to educate new mothers on breastfeeding will influence the mother’s decision to breastfeed, including duration, based on the quality and content of the teaching.

Assignment Requirements

Your teaching tool will be a trifold and must include this relevant content for a mother considering the risks and benefits of breastfeeding a newborn.

  • Explain how breast milk is formed in the mammary glands and the physiology of breast milk
  • Include two 2020 National Health Goals related to newborn nutrition to support breast feeding as the best choice. See the link below:
  • https://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topics-objectives/topic/maternal-infant-and-child-health
  • Discuss the advantages of breastfeeding related to immunities transferred to the newborn
  • Describe three additional benefits of breast feeding with supporting rationales
  • Include at least two supporting resources
  • Document must be written
  • Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)
  • Logical, original and insightful
  • Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format
  • Submit document through Grammarly to correct errors before submission

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Path 370 Week 3 Discussion

Using the video from Episode 3 on Henry, compare and contrast the difference between, right, left, and biventricular heart failure. Explain why Henry had right-sided heart failure.

Please correlate your responses to Henry’s case. Also, note that content in this case scenario incorporates topics from Chapters 16, 18, and 19.


  • 1-2 references to support your responses
  • 1-2 full paragraph responses

Community Assessment

Using a variety of instruments (Windshield Survey, Community Assessment Tool, Screening interviews, etc.) while in your community, you will assess the community location. This will lead to a list of identified, prioritized health needs and your recommendations for intervention.

You will complete a windshield survey of your community. The objective of a windshield survey is to assess a community in a short, simple way, compiling data to help form an analysis of that community. Simply put, a windshield survey is the equivalent of a community head-to-toe assessment. There are 6 elements that should be included in your windshield survey (See Community Assessment Template Download Community Assessment Template). You will drive through your community and document your findings on a PowerPoint presentation. Take pictures of your community to enhance your PowerPoint presentation.

  1. After studying Module 3: Lecture Materials & Resources, familiarize yourself with the instruments for:
    • A Windshield Survey (Website Resource 15C, p. 425).
    • The Community Assessment Tool applied to Phenomenological Communities (Website Resource 15A, p. 425).
    • You may also wish to review Chapter 13, Box 13-1 (p. 343) for examples of assessments that may be appropriate for your community population, since the Community Assessment Tool includes some screening data and information from clients.
  2. Plan how you will obtain the information for the assessments.
    • Conduct a Windshield Survey assessment.
    • Drive around your community and take pictures.
    • Create a PowerPoint presentation No more than 10 slides addressing each area of the windshield study.
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Exploration Assignment.

Men and Mental Health


This assignment has two parts, the first part will require an exploration of the Social Psychology Network and the second part will require an examination of the research.
Part 1:
Choose one study from the Social Psychology Network website.
To access the online research:

Look under the header on the left side of the page labeled “Social Psychology Pages.”

Click on the link labeled “Online Psychology Studies”

Participate in a study

In 1,000 words, review research related to the topic area of the study chosen (some articles can be found in the Social Psychology Network site, others will require outside research). Identify the type of research (survey, experiment, etc.) used with the study and evaluate the appropriateness of that methodology. Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of using an Internet site as a means of collecting data in psychological research. Elaborate on any potential confounds or ethical concerns noted while participating in the study.
Use three to five Scholarly Sources in addition to the social psychology website, your textbook can be used as one of the resources.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,


Leadership Philosophy Alignment

I need this to be writing over without plagerism


Course Project: Leadership Philosophy Alignment

Leadership, Organization Theory & Change

Briefly summarize your chosen organization information (e.g., what is it? what does it do?)

My chosen organization is The Life Coach School of Arkansas.  The Life Coach School

of Arkansas has become one of the most profitable coaching companies in the United States.

The Life Coach School of Arkansas primary business is to operate several coaches, marketing,

author training, business and business law training. LCSA website is https://www.tapaward.com

and is very active on social media also like, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and even some

other social media platforms so that they could promote their business and serve their customers

also by way of their social media handle and other customer service platforms. LCSA has

coaches operating across the country helping people to set goals and achieve those goals while

holding their clients accountable for his or her own goals.

According to the impact of life coaching on goal attainment, metacognition and mental

health the coaching industry and particularly life coaching has grown substantially since at

least 1998. There have been claims that the number of executive and life coaching number in

the tens of thousands in the United States and coaching has received widespread attention in

the popular Western Press (Hall, Otazo, & Hollendbeck, 1999)

As a result, when looking at motivation, Life Coach School of Arkansas

was able to create a fun environment with all of the coaches in the organization respects one

another and does not expect anything more.  According to International Journal of Conflict

Management workplace conflict will happen. There is no way around that but how one responds

to the conflict will determine how well the organization move forward and succeed.

Two organizational changes that will help to improve motivation.

Lets take a look at communication. Communication is one of the most effective way to have change within the organization. When those who work in your organization feel like they are not being heard that can cause internal issues within the organization. If they feel like they can express their feelings and concerns the organization will be able to work more effectively and trust has been established. We have to understand the importance of working in a positive environment.

According to Martin, A. J. (2009). Motivation and engagement in the workplace:

Examining a multidimensional framework and instrument from a measurement and evaluation

perspective. Because of this, some have suggested that empirical research into such

psychology has been fragmented. Many studies have addressed only a few aspects of

workplace motivation and engagement and these aspects have not been embedded into a

broader program (Thierry, 1998), The field of educational psychology is worth noting because

it has proven to be a relatively fertile ground for integrated motivational theory and practice.

Recent of motivation (e.g. Pintrich 2003). In this context, the Motivation and Engagement

Wheel (Martin, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2007a, 2007b) was developed.

What is the leadership philosophy of the leader?

A good leader is someone who cares about others. Good leaders take risk and not only

think about themselves but also think about others. They show respect and are very

invested in what they are doing, not only for themselves but their organization as well. A

good leader share wins with others and not only that they want to lead by example and do

what is right.

We must understand that every individual is a leader in themselves. The personal leadership

philosophy is something that you believe in yourself. We need to have a proper vision on what

decisions need to be taken in-order to sort-out the inputs given in day etc.

Here are some positive pointers to follows:

1. You need to believe in yourself.

2. Have problem solving skills

3. Horny your beliefs and values

4. Learning from other.

5. Continue with Personal Development

6. Identity what your priorities are

To make a decision and to make a first step towards leadership, we need to have a positive

attitude and the mindset need to be strong in the area of success that you want to explore. We

need to have a proper group of people to support, that helps you to make decisions as per your

interest As a leader we need to inspire and motivate people to have a clear vision of the future.

We need to be confident enough to follow our ideas, visions and willing to take any risks which

are integrated in our idea. The other important aspect in leadership is to communicate and

delivering the news or ideas as per the vision which we had. As stated earlier, we need to have a

proper team for not only in taking decisions but also helps to group think. Need to have a faith in

team members. As per my point of view the leaders should be more organized, willing to take

success and failures as same etc.

Types of Organization Structure

Functional Structure

In this structure, employees performing similar tasks or similar specialty are grouped

together. for example, accountants are grouped in the finance department and same goes for

marketing, operations, and human resources departments. This structure allows quick decision

making, because the group members can easily communicate and also can hone their skills by

learning from each other as all have similar skill sets and interests.

II. Divisional Structure

In this structure, employees are grouped according to the products or projects that meet the

needs of a certain type of customer. For example, a restaurant with a catering service might

structure the employees according to different department they serve, such as a wedding

department or a wholesale-retail department. Employees are divided as to achieve highest


Matrix Structure

A matrix structure has complex story as it combines elements from both the functional and

the divisional models. It first divides employees according to their specialization, then further

separates them into departments according to projects and products. To make this structure a lot

of planning and efforts are required but one e achieved increases the productivity of the team,

promotes innovation and creativity, and good decision making.

Flat Structure

A flat organizational structure impedes the traditional top-down management system. There

is no concept of boss, each employee is the boss of themselves, this eliminates bureaucracy and

improving direct communication. For example, an employee with an innovative idea or

suggestion doesn’t have to contact each level of upper managers to get the idea to the person in

charge. The employees can communicate directly with each on peer-based level.

When teams belong to one group of leaving beings which has on motto or objective or goal.

Everybody in the team will involve in the work of progress the team to achieve objective or goal.

But we know that human beings cannot be perfect. So, they often committee mistakes.

Sometimes they de motives and stop their work, which will create problems in their future.

Sometimes they do not know ‘what to do in a situation and sometimes they unknowingly cheated

by others. So, to escape from all the above situations a team leader is required. A leader is one

among the group who can guide and foster team members in the developed path. Leadership is

not a self-enrichment, it is 360-degree enrichment. Leadership basically required in every sector

like industries, schools, collages, politics, spirituality, agriculture, family, all types of unions etc.

A leader can be strength or weakness of a team. So, care should be taken during selection of

leader for a team.

The following qualities are required to be a good leader:

1. Give respect to other team members.

2. Mentally and physically strange

3. Concern to both team members and organization.

4. Ability to motive people

5. Hard worker.

My self-leadership is being adaptable at all the time. You have to be prepared for each and

every situation which is being faced or which has to directly related with you. I personally use

this adaptive leadership style to obtain the maximum efficiency out of the given tasks. My

having an adaptive leadership style I can easily determine between the most usable and least

usable things and adaptor myself according to the situation which directly benefits the overall

efficiency as well as productivity of my leadership.

Leadership is one of the main parts in creating a strategy. In other words, leaders are the

strategic creator for an organization. Weather perfect leadership skill one can easily create and

strategy which is more effective and productive for a specific organization. Leadership skills are

very much required to create each and every strategy, which is related to the betterment of the

organizations and provide a very basic instruction support to build a strategy. Leadership define

how the strategy is going to work and instruct the team accordingly to create and formulate a

strategy which is more efficient. Without a proper leadership strategic formulation is not

possible. Lacking leadership that strategy formulation would go into a wrong direction and

formulated strategy would be inefficient and incomplete. Teamwork is one of the most essential

parts of any organization to achieve its goals as well as to create a better place and the work


Some different type of teams inside an organization are as follows

• Departmental teams

This kind of teams are specialized in some specific department and work towards achieving a

specific Google which is outline by the company is mission statement. A fine example of this

kind of team is a developer team which works on the software project for a specific company.

These kinds of things are usually permanent, and they have a work on going on the specific


• Cross functional teams

For attracting with different departments in the organization cross functional teams are

associated. Be the specific teams tackles different event for the company and provides basin

support for different events organized at different times for specific organization. By

implementing the Hofstede’s four dimensions we can easily increase the over of level of

leadership in an organization.

• Power distance

Power distances can be described as an authoritative difference between the communities

inside an organization. By obtaining the overall power distance between the employees and the

leader, effectiveness of the specific leadership could be determined and also the environment of

the leader what the employee and teamwork can also be determined which plays an important

role in creating an ethical working environment for the employees. Lessen the power distance

better the management as well as involvement of the leader towards the team. By maintaining a

power distance between employee and leader, a leader can easily increase its level of authority

over its employee which is very much needed for completing the task on time by maintaining

and the authoritative approach for the organization.

• Uncertainty avoidance

Uncertainty avoidance can be defined as a process of avoiding the uncertain events in the

cultures belonging to some specific region. What is type of dimension, formal contact between

the employees as well as leader is an essential art. By maintaining the professionalism between

the employee and be a leader uncertainty avoidance provides extremely efficient way of working

by maintaining a Individualism can be defined as a culture in which each and every employee is

independent and self-reliant. This specific fact values the importance of each and every person

inside the organization by specifically provoking them to increase the level of self-interest. It is a

very effective way of increasing the overall involvement of the employee towards the


• Masculinity

MS community in an organizational structure can be defined as a partition of values and

giving priority to the quality of life as well as compassion towards the weaker employees has

signed your organization. In this type of culture men and women play separate rules in the

society, for an example man are directly related to the specific mainstream but profiles while the

women are considered as a support to the male employees inside an organization. By having a

masculine leadership one can easily increase its level of involvement inside the organization by

providing strength and support to the structure but feminine culture is also required to create an

equilibrium between men and women inside an organization.

Let’s take a look at some advantages of contingency style of leadership

• Research and expertise

This specific theory is based on very intense research as well as it is curated by some of the

best experts of this field. Best intense research contributes into the seriousness of the theory and

also provides a very thick base for examination as well as leadership.

• Leader identification

Best style gives ability to an organization for easily identify the best potential leader for a

particular group. Best style provides and specific identity of the leader who can leave their

coworkers to achieve the main goal set for the group. Leaders with the relationship orientation

get easy use their interpersonal skills for providing the better efficiency in the jobs and can be

very helpful in dealing with the complex situations when making the decisions.

Advantages and limitations of this leadership style are as follows

• Insufficient literature

This efficient leadership style suffers from Insufficient literature. It cannot be used to expel

various type of actions which can be taken under different situations. Approach has to be very

clear and princess to be processed by this leadership style. It increases the need of a skilled

manager in the processes.

• Complexity

In this specific leadership style, the suggestion for the approach is very simple. But managing

the situation is very complex. Managers have to take multiple decisions according to their

leadership style by maintaining the contingency of the given task. Managers are always short of

time and this specific leadership style overloads them with the information and this is usually

resulted in less efficient work structure.

• Difficulty in testing

Agency leadership style is very complex, and it always creates problem in texting. Because

of the too many factors involved this the specific leadership style is very hard to examine.

• Reactive not Proactive

Contingency leadership style is basically very reactive in its nature. It defines what managers

can do in the given situation for a specific organization. Managers are always responsible to

manage the environment by avoiding the undesirable effects.

In summary, philosophy of the leader plays a role in motivation in the workplace and

our career goals. According to Martin, A. J. (2009). Motivation and engagement in the

workplace: Examining a multidimensional framework and instrument from a measurement and

evaluation perspective. Many studies have addressed only a few aspects of workplace motivation

and engagement and these aspects have not been embedded into a broader program (Thierry,

1998), The field of educational psychology is worth noting because it has proven to be a

relatively fertile ground for integrated motivational theory and practice. Recent of motivation

(e.g. Pintrich 2003). In this context, the Motivation and Engagement Wheel (Martin, 2001, 2002,

2003, 2007a, 2007b) was developed.


Sonnentag, S., Unger, D., & Nägel, I.,J. (2013). Workplace conflict and employee well-being. International Journal of Conflict Management, 24(2), 166-183.

Lazaroiu, G. (2015). EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION AND JOB PERFORMANCE. Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations, 14, 97-102.

Brannigan, A., & Zwerman, W. (2001). The real “hawthorne effect”. Society, 38(2), 55-60.

Grant, A. M. (2003). The impact of life coaching on goal attainment, metacognition and mental health. Social Behavior and Personality, 31(3), 253-263.

Martin, A. J. (2009). Motivation and engagement in the workplace: Examining a multidimensional framework and instrument from a measurement and evaluation perspective. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 41(4), 223-243.

Religion Discussion

Some Native American religious rituals involve the use of psychoactive substances (such as peyote, ayahuasca, iboga, mushrooms, etc.) to induce religious visionary experiences.

Identify one specific indigenous tribe in North America, Central America or South America that uses a psychoactive substance in a religious context.

Provide a brief historical recap of the substance’s use. Explain the function that the substance serves in the ritual. What are the rules surrounding its use? Who can partake of it? When can it be ingested? Then, identify any cultural or political controversies surrounding the tribe’s use of the substance. How has controversy affected the ritual use of the substance today?

What is your opinion on the use of psychoactive substances in ceremonial religious contexts like the one you identified? Should religious groups possess the freedom to engage in these ceremonial activities, even when they are in conflict with a nation’s laws? Why or why not?

Make sure to cite academic sources in your discussion. Use the FIU Library’s online databases for academic research (http://libguides.fiu.edu/research (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).  Try the Religious Studies libguide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for a more specific starting point.

Stephen Collins

According to recent media reports, both the NYPD and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department are currently investigating Stephen Collins, an actor most well-known for his role on the T.V. show 7th Heaven, for alleged taped confessions in which he admits to inappropriate conduct with three (3) minors. This information came to light during divorce proceedings of Collins from his estranged wife. In this case study, you will explore the role of the forensic psychologist and its application to a real world situation. You will also look at the ethical dilemmas a mental health professional can face when dealing with the legal system.

Review the following articles regarding the Stephen Collins case:

Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:

  1. Determine whether or not the release of the taped therapy sessions violates the American Psychological Association’s Code of Ethics (refer to Table 12.1 in chapter 12 of the text). Next, discuss the likelihood of a lawsuit against the therapist and the media outlet that released the recording. Provide a rationale to support your position.
  2. Review the roles of the forensic psychologist as outlined in chapter 12 of your text. Next, select one (1) of the roles that you believe a forensic psychologist must play during the trial, if criminal charges against Collins are filed. Ascertain the importance of the role that you selected and suggest the main actions that the forensic psychologist must take in order to play the role that you selected.
  3. Discuss one (1) regulation that you feel the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) should make regarding the practice of recording patient therapy sessions in order to balance protecting the public with protecting patient privacy. Provide a rationale for your response.
  4. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar type Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Week3 Practice Worksheet #6

6. A psychology professor of a large class became curious as to whether the students who turned in tests first scored differently from the overall mean on the test. The overall mean score on the test was 75 with a standard deviation of 10; the scores were approximately normally distributed. The mean score for the first 20 students to turn in tests was 78. Using the .05 significance level, was the average test score earned by the first 20 students to turn in their tests significantly different from the overall mean?

a. Use the five steps of hypothesis testing.

b. Figure the confidence limits for the 95% confidence interval.