400 Word Public Health Discussion Describing Datadescriptive Statistics

Due 1/23  6 p.m EST

400 words not including title & min 3 Ref APA

Data used was a study of obesity.

Which include variable like age, gender, bmi. race


Descriptive statistics are an important part of public health research. Nearly every quantitative research project starts with descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics summarize the data in a meaningful way and describe the basic features of the data. Descriptive statistics can take many forms. They may include numeric and/or graphical representations of the data. They may explain the central tendency or spread of the data. They also may help to reveal certain characters for further analysis or identify potential variables for inferential analysis.

For this Discussion, review the descriptive statistics you are using for your Scholar Practitioner Project.

Post a description of the statistics you will include in your descriptive analysis for your Scholar Practitioner Project. Explain the rationale behind using these specific statistics, including which statistics you chose not to use and why. Support your response 

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