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 2-3 paragraphs and 2 sources. This is a reply explaining how the topic in this passage affects impacts your work setting and what (if anything) is being done to address the national healthcare issue/stressor. 


Global well-being may be defined as a blended of overall experience of positive vs. negative emotional states of mind. As addressed by Oates (2018), this combination of the hedonic aspect, the evaluative aspect (overall feeling of life satisfaction) and their general sense of purpose in life (the eudaimonic aspect.

According to the data from a recent survey of 237 mental health nurses regarding well-being, it was revealed that subjectively nurse’s wellbeing is relatively low both in and outside of the workplace.

Healthcare employer’s staff health and well being strategies should be addressed after essential nurse workforce perceptions. Also, finding out what works for them as far as reducing workplace stress and increasing a feeling of empowerment within the workplace and in their personal life.

There has been an abundance of studies and literature written about healthcare workers’ stress and burnout, however, according to French, DuPlessis & Scrooby (2011), there has been less focus on them

Individual perspective of happiness or a feeling of overall well-being and contentment.

Qualitative studies (French, et al, 2011) suggest that nurses can improve their self-care and wellbeing through personal development and self-care, again– by using relaxation and mindfulness techniques, enhancing a mind-body-spirit connection and making healthy lifestyle choices

Social environments also affect nurses’ well-being.

Involvement and mutual support from the “top” (managers and supervisors) are also a major contributor that influences well-being, according to French, et al, 2011). Positive and collaborative relationships are integral to truly have engagement from employees.

In our health department, our wellness department is very interactive with all our employees in encouraging and offer incentives for participation in the following wellness activities:   Promote ‘walk and talk’ or outdoor meetings Strategies are surveyed periodically with employee input, comments and suggestions. These well-being activities are incorporated into our day, rather than being “in additional to” our workday.  

Activities the nurses referred to as “significantly increasing their well-being”, at least the top four are –exercise, mindfulness-based living (meditation), spending time in nature and listening to music (Ricketts & Fraher, 2013).


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