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Assignment Instructions If you have not done so already, review the full Practice Speech 2: Presentational Speaking Overview (opens in a new window) Then, submit your assignment for grading.

This course is designed to help you develop as a competent and professional speaker. The speeches you complete for this course should reflect professional dispositions. Here are a few expectations for your speeches: The speech should be given in an environment free from distractions and noise. Having a TV on in the background, or hearing dogs barking, is distracting to the viewer, and doesn’t reflect positively on the speaker. The lighting in the room should be bright enough that the speaker is clearly visible, and care should be taken to not “backlight” the speaker. The speaker should be in a standing position. Sitting or lying down are not acceptable positions in this course. The camera should be positioned far enough away that the viewer can see most of the speaker’s body. Because non-verbal cues, gestures, and body position is an important part of speaking, it is critical that those aspects are visible in the speech. The camera should be in a stationary, stable position. Placing it on a solid surface that isn’t prone to movement is best. While the speaker may utilize cards or other devices during the speech, it is critical to engage and maintain eye contact with the audience.

Practice Speech 2: Presentational Speaking Overview Assignment Overview 

This speech offers you the opportunity to combine speaking skills with giving a slide presentation. You will research a topic related to nonverbal communication in speaking, and present that research in a narrated slides presentation. Assignment Instructions Select a specific topic to research and present in the field of nonverbal communication. Sample topics include: using gestures effectively, moving around purposefully during presentations, or the importance of eye contact.  Research this topic from at least 2 academic sources, and present the findings of the research in a 6–8 slide presentation (using Google Slides, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) Record yourself delivering the presentation, you must appear with the presentation on the recording. The presentation must be large enough so that it can be seen on the screen. A recording of your voice alone, narrating the slides, is not acceptable. There are a number of ways you can appear with your presentation in the recording. Here are a few options: Split-screen presentation: In this option, the presentation is on one portion of the screen, and the presenter is viewed on another portion of the screen. This option is optimal, as it highlights both the presentation and the speaker. Programs that have a split-screen option are newer versions of PowerPoint and the free resource Screencast-O-Matic(opens in a new window). For help with Screencast-O-Matic, view Screencast-O-Matic Help Tutorials(opens in new window) Project the presentation onto a large, blank surface, so that it is readable to the viewer. The speaker can stand alongside the screen and present. Use a large TV as the computer “monitor”. Consult your instructor for other ideas or options acceptable to him/her Outline, prepare, record and upload your speech to YouTube® For help uploading a video onto YouTube®, review YouTube help resource (opens in a new window).  This speech does not require an audience. Submit your speech outline and the link to your uploaded speech video on YouTube® by the assigned deadline on the assignment submission page. Assignment Requirements The slide presentation should contain 6–8 slides, including a title and reference slide. Any academic research referenced within the presentation should include an in-text citation, as well as an entry on the reference slide. The presentation must use at least 2 academic resources within the presentation. As reflected in chapter 13 of the text concerning visual aids, the slide presentation should include a mix of text and images/visual aids, and be pleasing to the eye (no dark color text on dark background, text that extends past the slide’s borders, etc.). Slide text should be organized and cogent, focusing on main points rather than paragraphs of text. The speech that accompanies the slides should be original, and reflect best practices in speaking. You, as the speaker, should appear professional and authoritative on the subject. You should appear simultaneously with the slides presentation. Using a SplitScreen format (through PowerPoint or Screencast-O-Matic) is the best way to accomplish this objective, although other options are available. Please contact your instructor for options that will best suit your situation. The text of the speech should build upon the main points on the slides, and not merely read the slides to the audience. The speech should be approximately 5–7 minutes long. You will be assessed on the slide presentation itself, as well as the delivery of the speech

Week 5

IMPORTANT NOTE – The instructions for the Practice Speech 2 – Presentational Speaking mention using a split screen or Screencast-O-Matic. This course is taught by multiple instructors and some prefer the split screen. I strongly encourage you to watch the Practice Speech 2 Playlist below. The split screen is acceptable, however, I provided less technical options in my video tutorial for this speech.

Week 5 Overview: https://youtu.be/LXvbFM2LkBE

Practice Speech 2 Presentational Speaking Tutorial Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMga0pOezhv1KjHqcX7iF0pobwt28n2Ih

Final Presentation Speech Part 2 Speech Draft Tutorial:

Speech Tips Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMga0pOezhv0UoholGiHf-7CD0JgIKWW_

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