7 Discussion Board Questions


After reading Chapters 10, 15-19 and respond to the following in the discussion board. (Textbook:Career Information, Career Counseling, and Career Development 11th ed. Duane Brown)

1. Differentiate among the various approaches to career development assessment.

2.  Identify several types of inventories and qualitative approaches that can be used in the assessment process.

3.(SCHOOL COUNSELING MAJORS ONLY) Discuss the career development program in the context of the ASCA national model and identify the steps in developing a career development program for each level of a public school. 

4.  Identify the problems associated with developing a career development program in a post-secondary institution.

5.  Describe the guidelines consumers should follow when selecting a career counselor.

6.  Discuss the dual aims of career development in industry.

7.  What is the objective of program evaluation?

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