A Lyrical Expression Of Womens Work Experience

A Lyrical Expression of Women’s Work Experience

Women’s work experience has been a defining discourse in society,  embedded with personal, social, political, and cultural values. Song  lyrics often embody these values and provide a perspective on the topic  of women’s work experience.

In the Week 1 Discussion, you selected song lyrics that reflected a  general social change theme related to women. In this week’s  Discussion, you also choose song lyrics. This time, though, you will  choose song lyrics that represent social change as it relates to women’s  work experience. In addition, you again explore the use of literary  techniques used in song lyrics. Remember to focus on the written words in the song and not the sound of the music that accompanies it.

To prepare for this Discussion: Consider how music has influenced and/or been influenced by social change. Search your personal music library, the Internet, or another  resource (including this week’s Optional Resources) for a song that  meets the following criteria:        The song was written by a woman. The song reflects a social change theme that directly or indirectly relates to women’s work experience. The song includes two literary techniques listed in the  “Glossary of Terms and Techniques for Literature and Creative Writing”  document. Note: Choose techniques you have not previously used. The song may be from any time period or country, but the lyrics have an English translation available. Summarize and paraphrase the song using proper APA citation rules. Consider how the song you selected offers a social change perspective related to women’s work experience. Identify song lyrics that reflect any themes conveyed in the  works of any of this week’s Required Resources by Ensler, Truth, Campo,  and/or Ron.

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