Annotated Bibliography 19513473

4 pages not including the cover page

You will write a review of literature detailing the importance and significance of a topic from this course. (Bilingual Education) The purpose of a review of literature is to examine an issue while considering opposing perspectives. You will defend your position on an issue and explain your rationale for your position.   You need to support your position with a solid foundation based on statistical evidence, research.  Validate your position utilizing authoritative references from peer-reviewed journals.  Examine strengths and weaknesses of your position.  Suggest possible solutions and courses of action related to your position.

You must choose a side on your topic. Narrow it down, do not have a broad position. For this  assignment you must have 3 articles (recent, nothing past 2015) to back up your position on the topic. Again articles must be peer reviewed. Only cite the article(s) you are using. 4pa

Please follow the outline/rubric or points will be deducted. 

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