Art Discussion Question 19824883


The Renaissance was a time of profound change and growth.  In this discussion board, we will look at some visual evidence of how artistic concerns developed during the Renaissance.  

20.e  Interpret a work of fifteenth-century Italian art using the art historical methods of observation, comparison, and inductive reasoning.

20.f  Select visual and textual evidence in various media to support an argument or an interpretation of a work of fifteenth-century Italian art.

The Prompt

 Lorenzo Ghiberti was commissioned to complete two sets of bronze doors for the Florence Baptistery, which had first been decorated with bronze doors by Andrea Pisano in the fourteenth century. Compare a panel from Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise with one from Pisano’s original doors (Figs. 18-3 and 20-16). How does each one represent the developments of Renaissance art and humanism? What changes are seen over the course of these commissions? 

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