Assignment 12 19597253

This week we are examining family in today’s society. If we go by TV images from my era, the families were generally Mom and Dad and two or three children. “I Love Lucy” and Leave it to Beaver were two. In both, Dad worked and Mom stayed home and tended to the house and the children. This was the image in the 1950’s and 1960’s. If we turn on the television today we may see a different image of family.

This week I want you to find a fictional family that you think is typical in 2019. It may be a family from a book, movie or TV show. Critique this family from all aspects that are covered in your weekly reading. Which family type does this family fit? What are the characteristics of this family? Meaning if you describe the family as a nuclear family tell me what that is Which sociological theory might this family describe? (Functional, Conflict, Symbolic)

Now before you ask, you must include facts in this answer. I would begin with looking up statistics about families. Is the family you are using American? If not you may have different socio-economic information including income.

Then using the search engines through the library or googlescholar, do some research!

As always no Wikipeda,,, newspaper or news service articles. I will accept scholarly books but mostly scholarly articles from journals.

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