Assignment 19862603

For this assignment, you will complete the third essay of the scenario-based case study. The essay should be a one- to two-page narrative focusing on arguments that support what the authors discuss in Chapter 6, as well as other research that you conduct related to these concepts.

The questions below may help you in focusing your essay on the one or two concepts chosen. What are the most common oxidizers in the scenario? What are the stages of a fire seen in the scenario? What occurs when sufficiently high temperature is created in two rooms where both combustible materials and oxygen are present and restricted in one apartment? On what does the spread mechanism of a fire depend? What occurred in Apartment 2-B, 2-C, or even 2-H? What is the difference between flammability and combustibility in the scenario? Describe the differences between flashover, smoke explosion, or backdraft in the scenario.

Use APA guidelines, and summarize your response. To supplement your discussion and support your conclusions, you should use information ,from reputable , reliable sources, such as journal articles, case studies, scholarly papers, and other sources that you feel are pertinent. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations following APA guidelines. You must include at least three sources, including your textbook.

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