Assignment 3 19538107

Students these days are subjected to a wide variety of tests throughout  their K12 school career. Research the types of tests a student has  to take for a specific grade level and when those tests are administered  in your school district. (i.e. All high school seniors have to pass a  state exam for basic literacy in order to graduate.)        

-Post  your findings. Note the type of test  (criterion-referenced, norm-referenced, etc.), the testing instrument,  and the type of data collected from each test. Also note if it is a  national test like the PARCC, a state-wide test (NY Regents Exam) or a  local/school specific test.  

-State  how the school district uses the results of the testing. (i.e. Apply  for school funding, criteria for graduation, teacher/school assessment,  etc.) 

-Given  what you have learned so far about educational testing and evaluation  methods, do you think that the students in your school district are  given enough testing, not enough, or too much testing?

-Do you think that the tests that the students are given accurately reflect their skills and abilities?

-Why  or why not? Provide at least one reference 

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