Assignment 4 1 Advocacy Action Plan Part Ii Pest Analysis

Similar in some ways to the SWOT analysis you completed in Module Three, the PEST analysis requires you to look at your advocacy action plan concepts through multiple lenses so that you can identify those factors that could either contribute to, or serve as barriers to the implementation and sustainability of your plan! 

This assignment is the second part of a three-part advocacy action planning assignment you will complete across the duration of this course.  This series of assignments is a major part of your grade.  In Assignment 3.2, you identified a public health issue and organization that you cared about (PASSION) and identified an idea for your action plan (PURPOSE). This assignment requires that you look further into each of those areas through Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technology perspectives.

Before you get started on this assignment, be sure to review the PEST Analysis information from MindTools (Links to an external site.) .  This resource will provide you with step-by-step details on how to conduct your own PEST Analysis.  Although written from a business perspective, this content translates across domains into the world of public health

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