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Approaches  to physical security (APS) is embedded with measurable technique to  protect buildings, property, assets and resources against intruders.  Effective execution of physical security approach in private and public  organizations and facilities involves multiple levels of protection such  as outer perimeter, inner perimeter, and interior of the facility. 


*           Dr. Armbruster, a pediatrician signed a lease agreement to establish  his clinic in the heart of the city of Saint Louis, Missouri. He is very  concerned about the security of the facility. You have been retained a  physical security analyst, which of these security perimeters will you  consider suitable for Dr. Armbruster’s new clinic. Outer Perimeter Security

The  outer perimeter often controls persons who walk and drive of the  grounds of the facility. Do not forget that outer perimeter security  includes high-security fence, high-security doors, high-security  windows, high-security gate and remotely operated garaged. 

OR Natural Access Control

Natural  access control utilizes the building and landscaping features to guide  people entering and exiting the property, lessened perpetrator’s  unnoticed access into the facility. Natural access control often  measures interfere, and lowered sense of risk preventing intruders’  willingness to come closer to the property. 

Chapter 4 Discussion 


Physical  security (PS) is categorized very crucial for public and private  organizations to protect and defend their assets, data, resources,  personnel, facility and infrastructures. 

Scenario To what extent are there significant differences between minimum security system (MSS-1) and High-level security system (HLSS). 

MSS-1 is designated  to obstruct unauthorized external traffic into the system and tends to  interface with basic physical security operations like doors, windows  and regular locks.


HLSS  is designed to obstruct, detect and evaluate most unauthorized internal  and unauthorized external traffic into the system. HLSS point of  reference include highly trained armed guard, two-way radio links to  police unit, duress alarms, use of access control and biometric control You  have been retained as a registrar for junior college offering online  courses, which of these security mechanisms will you implement in your  unit; if so why?


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