Assignment The Powerpoint Is Due At 1155 Pm On Friday Length 800 1000 Words


Assignment due date: The PowerPoint is due at 11:55 pm on Friday of week 4 (27 March). 

Length:  800-1000 words 

( I finished and I have pictures of the tests questions and answers) 

Students are expected to complete the Job Search micro-credential and read the two assigned readings and watch the video on the Future of Work. Students will produce a PowerPoint informed by the material found in the micro-credential, assigned readings and video, and answer the following question:

Reading One

Reading two 

The Video 

How is the world of work changing 

and what are the implications for your future career opportunities and job search strategies? 

Each student will be expected to produce a PowerPoint of no more than 10 slides and use the notes section of your PowerPoint to write an explanation of each slide as if you were presenting the presentation orally.  Your written explanation (i.e. notes) should be between 700-800 words with Harvard-style in-text referencing when referring to the assigned readings and micro-credential content.  Please include a reference list as your last slide.

Assessment criteria will be:

· Ability to evaluate and critically reflect on the set readings and micro credential material

· Ability to identify the different perspectives on the changing future of work and how changing business practices are impacting on work and employment.

· Ability to identify the main issues/arguments presented in the readings and micro-credential. 

· Ability to apply these different perspectives and arguments to your own job experiences or future job expectations

· Clarity of PowerPoint and written explanation of each slide.

Can you please covert your PPT (with notes) into a word document and submit your assignment as a Word file.  This will make it much easier for us to provide feedback.  The process for converting PPT to Word is quite simple. Please follow these steps:


1. Open PowerPoint File in PowerPoint. …

2. Click File> Export > Create Handouts.

3. The Send to Microsoft Word dialog box will open.

4. Choose page layout from options given.

5. Choose how you want slides added to your word document.

6. Click OK

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