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250 Word Discussion Post 19932775

 How common was the use of child labor in the early industrial period? What kinds of work did children perform?  What kind of hours did they work? How were they treated?  What was the attitude toward child laborers of the adult authorities questioned by the Sadler Commission?  What do you make of the fact that […]

300 Words Essay And 100 Words Peer Review 19614835

 For this forum, draw on Valenti, Ward, Harding and Rupp & Taylor, and, in no less than 300 words, discuss your learning for the week, then respond to one classmate from this forum in no less than 100 words. For full credit, each response should mention at least two of the week’s texts in detail.  

Philosophy 19512985

Is it morally permissible to believe in God just because it is to yourpractical advantage to believe? Why or why not? Use the material in Vaughn’s book to help you explain how Pascal argues for belief in God. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of other thinkers have identified in his reasoning.

Kim Woods Only 19656241

  Week 2 – Assignment 1 Letter Of Inquiry Download Worksheet 2.1: Letter of Inquiry Questionnaire. Complete questions 2-9 (2-3 sentences each) by typing your responses directly into the worksheet, and upload the completed worksheet as part of your written assignment. Use the worksheet 2.1 to write a formal letter of inquiry. Address your cover […]

Epistemology Assignment

For the following questions, answer based on the philosophy of Rene Descartes, David Hume, and Immanuel Kant. You should have one paragraph (at least five sentences per philosopher per question, which means nine paragraphs in total (these are minimums, so you are welcome to go longer if you don’t feel you can respond in a […]

Phil2306 19627195

  Select the title link above or access the Discussion Board through the course menu in order to complete this assignment. In a paragraph (150 words minimum), please respond to the following questions: Explain John Stuart Mill’s theory of higher and lower pleasures: Are there any problems inherent in the theory? Overall, does Mill’s idea […]

Philosophy 19632515

APA STYLE   follow this textbook answer should be summarize for this below text  Study all types of Distributive Justice (6 or 7 total) Summarize each in one sentence. Produce examples for each.  Don’t use any other text or article except this one. There are different theories of how to make the basic distribution.  Among […]

Sociology Course Reflection

  Write a reflection on how this course – the content, assignments, extra credit discussions – have had an impact on you. Below are possible models for what you might argue: I’ve learned a lot of new facts and concepts, and these have helped me see the world and my life in new light. Elaborate […]

Discussion Involuntary Group Members

  Involuntary members have been ordered to attend a group in exchange for some reward. Many times, this is a result of judicial system intervention. Often, these members are not interested in participating and getting to know others. The clinical social worker must understand the potential issues or problems that arise within a group of […]

Assignment Hegels Understanding Of History

 Georg Hegel had an encyclopedic mind.  He seems to have remembered everything. He especially remembers historical conflicts and the tragedies they have wrought on peoples throughout history. That got him wondering about why and could those events teach us something and lead to better lives for people in the future.  He used a dialectic of […]