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Chi-square tests

Due April 22 at 11:59 PM Chi-square tests are nonparametric tests that examine nominal categories as opposed to numerical values. Consider a situation in which you may want to transform numerical scores into categories. Provide a specific example of a situation in which categories are more informative than the actual values. Suppose we had conducted […]

SOCW 6520 WK 8 Responses

SOCW 6520 WK 8 responses  Respond to the blog post of three colleagues Has to be responded to separately and different responses in one or more of the following ways: Name first and references after every person Respond to the blog post of three colleagues in one or more of the following ways: Validate an idea      in your […]


Topic: Drug Abuse Disorder 1. Description of the General Topic (Drug of Abuse, Evidence-Based Treatment, ASAM Levels of Care, Ethical Dilemma, Special Populations, etc.) 2. History of Topic 1. Etiology, timelines or progression of addressing specific drug use 2. cultural/societal shifts in attitude or interventions of drug trends/use 3. Development of Clinical Programs / ASAM Development and […]

Chi-Square Analysis

Due April 23 at 11:59 PM Chi-Square Analysis For this assignment, use data from W1 Midweek Assignment. Using Microsoft Excel and following instructions given in your lectures, conduct a chi-square analysis to determine whether sex and the year in college are related. Report your results in APA format and write one to two sentences interpreting your […]

Relationship Between the Misinformation Effect and the Accuracy of the Color Recalled.

For this assignment, use the data you downloaded in your W1 Project. This week, you will explore the hypothesis that a relationship exists between the misinformation effect (the type of information relayed) and the accuracy of the color recalled. Use a chi-square analysis to compare the accuracy of the color recalled (recall color) across your misinformation […]

Literature Review

Instructions: For this Literature Review assignment you are to write a 7-to 9-page literature review on the topic that you have identified as your research topic for your Senior Defense (research presentation). This assignment is to be written following APA guidelines and include a minimum of 12 references. The following outline is provided as a guide […]

Integrative Analysis

The Integrative Analysis puts together the proceeding assignments, allowing students to demonstrate the skills they have developed. Students will choose two prompts from the course and one additional prompt from outside the course. For example, students might choose to analyse a Photo, a TED Talk, and a book read outside of class. Then, as practiced, students will write a paper that integrates the […]

Citing Evidence

Before we begin to make arguments of our own, it’s important to understand the arguments made by those who came before us. For this assignment, students will individually collect six pieces of evidence from the prompt for the week. Students will submit a document including six citations, written as complete sentences, that accurately represent the claims made in the […]

Essay 1500 Words

Please number and answer the following questions, based on lectures as well as readings and occasionally a video.  When you refer to the reading in your answer, put the author’s last name in parentheses – example: (Steinbugler).  Do not repeat the question; simply number then answer.  Your total word count for this exam should be minimum 1500 words.  […]

Ethical Thinking In The Liberal Arts

Exam Questions: 1. (Mandatory) Assess the strengths and weaknesses of Divine Command Theory. Give a strong, well-supported argument in favor of (or opposed to) DCT for ethical decision-making. 1. (Mandatory) Explain the ethical theory of Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, or Immanuel Kant, primarily concerning morality and justice. Include contextual/background factors that shaped the theory. Also, tell why […]