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What We Can’t Know

Reaction to What We Can’t Know             In the Professor J. Budzisweski work, he questions the modern assumption that there are moral truths that are unknowable. He logically and clearly examines the tradition of the natural law and comprehensively restores confidence in the code of morality based on the human nature. Budziszewski acknowledges that there […]


Q@I ESSAY-6             Reality is a mystery that has engaged humanity for many years and has been expressed in varying and sometimes antagonistic approaches by individuals using specific philosophies and believes. For instance, in most religious oriented explanations of reality, there exists a deity of a higher order and beyond the understanding of human beings. […]

Leaders in an Organization

Good Leaders in an Organization             Leaders respond to challenges or problems through four steps whereby conventional thinkers search for simplicity in the process hence are forced to make unappealing tradeoffs. On the other hand, integrative thinkers are not afraid of complexity-even when it translates to a repetition of some or more steps- , which […]

Airline and Airport Operations

Airline and Airport Operations (Oman Air) Introduction             Based in Muscat international Airport, Oman Air is the national airline of Oman and a member of Arab Air Carriers Organization. The airline operates a regional air taxi, and scheduled international and domestic passenger services. Oman air was established in 1970 as Oman International Services (OIS). (OIS) […]

Photovoltaic Solar Power Stations

1.0.            Introduction 1.1.            Background Solar has been used to generate power for several centuries, with magnificent discoveries and inventions such as the photovoltaic effect in 1836, which led to the invention of photovoltaic solar panel. Since the discovery of photovoltaic effect and the invention of the solar panels, much progress has been made, with sophisticated […]


Final Assignment  Relationships can very complex hence highly difficult to manage especially when partners are bound by fate rather than by individual and optional interests towards each other. For instance, people do not choose be siblings but are expected to exhibit a healthy relationship despite the nature of differences between them(Verderber 160). In addition, a […]

Rationale and context

Rationale and context Basically, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) encompasses a subscription-based licensing of software systems and subsequent delivery over the internet. It is based on a centrally-hosted or cloud-based software model, whereby users access SaaS using internet-connected thin clients and personal devices via supported web browsers (Thibiti ). SaaS solutions have become very popular among small and […]

school racial segregation

Impact of school racial segregation as a source of academic achievement disparities between black and white student in the contemporary united state Introduction School racial is a hot topic in the United States of America and with this study we try to analyze the impact of distinct forms of school racial segregation on black/white achievement […]

Digital Intelligence Architecture

1 Introduction Currently, the entire manufacturing industry is subject to huge paradigm shifts and facing fresh opportunities, which are based on technical and business perspectives. According to (Herterich, Uebernickel and Brenner, 2015), conventionally, manufacturing firms have focused on selling tangible products; however, the organisations have also been offering product-related services throughout the lifecycle of products. […]

Network Design and Management

Network Design and Management Trends Virtualization             In 2016, virtualization for the second year in row was among most searched topic on Google. The popularity can be attributed to meteoric rise of container related services such as Docker and continued increase in popularity in cloud platforms. In 2015, virtualization also was on top of the […]