Brainstroming Ideas For Your Course Project With Your Peers


In this discussion board, we are talking specifically about your course project. A brainstorming session is a fantastic way to get ideas down on paper. When you do this kind of creative thinking, no answer is wrong. It is just a possibility. Brainstorming with peers is a fun way to get the ideas flowing. Remember, you want to be passionate about your project topic.

Discussion Requirements:

Initial Posting: Brainstorm five problems.  The problems can be job-related, service problems, product problems, or community issues.  What might the positive outcomes be for the people affected if they were solved?  Are there any negative outcomes for the people affected?

Reply Posting: Reply to at least one other student regarding their project topic ideas. Do you have any information about this topic that might help them with the research? Do you have any connections where they can interview a person about the topic? Have you read an article on it lately? If so, where?

Plan on writing 2-3 paragraphs for your reply posting.

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