Brochure On Technology

In your Guide to Using Technology in your Classroom, address these five criteria: Summarize the pros of incorporating technology into the teaching and learning process. Explain methods you have put in place to ensure student safety while using technology in the classroom. Describe what is considered acceptable netiquette in your classroom. Summarize your expectations for academic integrity in the classroom. Create a media consent form to allow student utilization of technology in the classroom.

Creating a Brochure, brochures are informative paper documents often used for advertising. All good brochures will include visual elements. The images you select should complement your text. 


You can use a brochure site of your choice, or you can create a brochure using Microsoft Word following these steps: Start Microsoft Word. Click the “File” tab and select “New” to open the new document window. Select “Brochure” in the list of templates in the left panel, or type it in the search bar. Click each brochure to view a sample in the right panel. Select the template you want and click “Download.” Select “Save As” to save the brochure and give it a name.

Your brochure Must include all five of the required criteria referenced in the assignment instructions above. Your brochure should be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.)  Must use at least two scholarly sources.  The Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. If you have questions about whether a specific source is appropriate for this assignment, please contact your instructor. Your instructor has the final say about the appropriateness of a specific source for a particular assignment.

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