Bsop 209 operations analysis week 3 assignment and case study devry

BSOP 209 Operations Analysis

Week 3


Week 3 Assignment:


Markland Manufacturing intends to increase capacity by overcoming a bottleneck operation by adding new equipment. Two vendors have presented proposals. The fixed costs for proposal A are $50,000, and for proposal B, $70,000. The variable cost for A is $12.00, and for B, $10.00. The revenue generated by each unit is $20.00.

a)    What is the break-even point in units for proposal A?


Discussion Questions (Case Study)

1.      Develop a forecasting model, justifying its selection over other techniques, and project attendance through 2011.

2.      What revenues are to be expected in 2010 and 2011?

3.      Discuss the school’s options

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