Capitalism and Industrialism

Capitalism and Industrialism

According to Reilly, the origin of capitalism was Britain and the reason for this conclusion is the fact that the region was greatly against collective action and people sought to provide for their own families. According to the author, capitalism was fueled by the need for people to live individual lives and to motivate people to work hard so as to sustain their lives. It is essential to note that the nature of capitalism was having two groups of people where there was the elite group in society that had the ability to get whatever it needs. The reason why this group of people was at an advantage is the fact that it had money. The other group of people was the peasants and this comprised people that lacked the financial feasibility required to live high-quality lives. The difference in lifestyle between the groups of people is a clear characteristic of capitalism. Capitalism and Industrialism

Reilly defines the connection between capitalism and industrialization. The author states that industrialization stands for the process where industries increased and from this increase, it was possible to note the changes that the society experienced. There was a clear separating line between the owners of some of these industries and the people that worked in these companies. The people that managed to own these institutions were extremely rich and this is because they managed to convert some of the cheaply acquired raw materials to finished products and sold them at a high price to clients. The profit generated was used to increase their wealth. As for the people that worked in these industries, they went through various challenges and this is because the amount of money that they were paid by the employers was very small thus the standard of life was low. It is essential to note that capitalism outlines the difference in living standards between the rich in society and the poor people. Only a few countries have rejected industrialization (Reilly 130). The entry of industrialization aspects propelled the concept of capitalism and this was only beneficial for the people that could afford some of the luxuries offered by society. However, the situation was quite different for the peasants working in these industries and the reason for this is that they went through challenges such as poor payment and terrible working conditions. Capitalism and Industrialism

I am in line Reilly’s argument regarding capitalism. The fact that he states that capitalism has increased the distance between the two social classes is an important aspect to note and this is because it has affected the current environment negatively. As long as there is this form of imbalance in society, it is rather hard to have a general improved and growing environment. The social stature of each of these groups will make it rather hard for people to collaborate on different projects that might affect them progress effectively. However, I have to note that to some point I really appreciate capitalism. The reason as to why I support capitalism is the fact that without the differences in social classes, the current environment would be experiencing collective action. Collective action is risky for any economic environment. The reason why it is risky because it promotes a culture of laziness where some people will fail to report to work and idle around assured that another group in society will provide for them which is a very detrimental way to approach life. Capitalism and Industrialism

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