Case study pfizer | Management homework help

Good Morning Motivators,

Please answer the below questions after reading the case study. The other attachments are help aids, however, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ THEM:-). The PDF’s are provided if you want to further investigate, but again, just read the case study and answer the below questions. I know you’ll do a good job!




Read the attached case study (PFIZER IN NIGERIA)  and attachment to complete the below questions



After Reading the case, what would be a generalized question you could ask other students in regards to the case?

  1. Who are the stakeholders in this case?

  2. What are some options?

  3. How do you decide what to do and on what do you base your decision?

  4.  Government advantages of testing in Nigeria,

    a. Desperation by a government which is desperately in need of foreign aid in order to address epidemic bouts of meningitis without the resources to accomplish this task.

    b. Lack of safety protocols that would otherwise be under scrutiny by the FDA

    c. Abundance of willing test subjects

    d. No legal responsibilities for adverse medical effects on the tested population

  5. Do you conduct the drug trial in Nigera?

  6. What are your primary concerns about conducting the drug trial in Nigeria?

  7. What are disadvantages of conducting the drug trial in Nigera?

  8. What are advantages of conducting the drug trial in Nigera?



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