Case Study Project Part 2


Compose a report of 1000 to 1500 words in which you:

1. Describe an ethical dilemma faced by an individual working within a business organization that is based in the United States. Note: This is a restatement of Part #1, including any revisions you would like to make. This portion (approx. 300-500 words) contributes toward the required total word count.

2. Identify and explain all of the ethical considerations that should be taken into account in this case. As explained in our textbook (pp. 70-73), moral decision making is difficult in real-world situations, where ethical considerations often pull us in different directions. Describe what you feel are the most important obligations, effects, and ideals that should be considered before rendering a moral judgment in this case. Obligations refer to the specific duties or moral responsibilities the individual may have in this circumstance (e.g., obligations to follow a professional code of conduct, to adhere to the rules or expectations of a particular company, or to respect human rights). Effects refer to the consequences of a particular action. Make sure to identify all the interested parties and describe how they would be affected by the different courses of action available to the individual you identified. Ideals refer to the goals or virtues valued by a company (e.g., efficiency, product quality, customer service) or society at large (e.g., generosity, courage, compassion, loyalty, peace, justice, equality).

3. Provide a moral judgment that describes what you think the individual should do (or should have done) in this case. Make sure that your argument is logical and takes into account the considerations outlined in the previous section. Explain any trade-offs that you had to make between conflicting considerations. 

Please organize your report using this template (in particular, I would like to see you use the section headers provided in the template).

Deadline: Submit your report via Canvas by 11:59PM on Sunday, November 8.

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