Casefile Episode 78 The Janabi Family

CASEFILE: EPISODE #78 THE JANABI FAMILY  What is the Triangle of Death? What were their names and ages? (You will probably have to Google them to get the proper spelling of their names.) What happened to the Janabi family and their older daughter? How were they all situated in the house? Which members of the family survived? How were they able to survive? Who was the initial military investigator of the incident? Who were Babineau, Tucker and Menchaca? Who took the credit for their deaths? Who was Justin Watt? Who convinced him to report what he knew? Why did the U.S. military find it necessary to relax their recruitment standards? To whom did Steven Green initially confess? Which sport (other than getting wasted on alcohol and energy drinks) were the four soldiers engaged in before the attack on the family? How long did the attack on the family take (from the time the soldiers left checkpoint #2 until they returned)?

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