Ccjs 345 7980 introduction to security management – code 0027003002019

CCJS 345 7980 Introduction to Security Management – code 0027003002019

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Urgency 12 hours maximum

Citation Style

APA Style

No. of Pages/Wordcount

2 page(s)/600 words 

Check the attached file; 

Exercise 1 and two 

Each exercise should have 300 words 

No. of Sources/References


English US


The Forum this week specifically addresses the ASIS International 2003 “General Risk Assessment Guideline” and its seven (7) Practice Advisories in an exercise designed to enhance student skills in assessing risk in a “real world” security setting. Students will be required demonstrate their skill in utilizing these guidelines in the final project for this course.

Students will also reflect upon– and discuss the possible reasons for corporate security director responses to a survey conducted by Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. regarding the most critical threats and security manager challenges their particular organizations are facing at the present time.


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