Chapter 10 14 2 Discussion Questions

Due today 2/27/2020 before 8pm CST

1.Statistically, the population of the United States is aging, driven in large measure by the baby boomer generation. As a prospective health services administrator, what proposed changes to health delivery services would you recommend to better serve our aging population.

Due 2/28/2020 before 11am CST

2. In the United States, our approach to policy development and revision is to use small steps, otherwise known as incremental change. Is this approach helpful to our health delivery system? Why?

****I only need one to two paragraph for both. Its not a report just one or two paragraph for both discussion question. 

Thoroughly explain your answer and cite all references/sources utilizing a scholarly referencing style (including page numbers) for your posts and peer responses. Please utilize correct spelling/grammar and refer to the Discussion Rubric in Syllabus. 

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