Chinese Revolution in 1949 Political History Case Study Essay

A creative project of your choosing inspired by one or more of the primary sources. This may take any form you wish that allows you to bring new insights to the period in question. It could be a letter, journal, story, or something else.

The project must provide new insights into the time period (a kind of implicit thesis). For example, you might rewrite a story from the point of view of one of the people in a source which, based on their historical position, gender, etc., shows that they might have perceived the issues much differently than the author of the original text. The content of the project must be historically consistent with the context of the time period and the status of the individuals involved. For example, peasants were probably not concerned with court politics, people of lower status would address people of higher status with suitable humility and politeness, and Confucian literati would not be discussing unequal treaties prior to 1842. Finally, the project must be dated (an approximate date such as “the 1920s” will be acceptable if no more specific date is possible) and it must have a title.

A typed, double-spaced paper will probably be in the range of five pages, but other formats will have other dimensions. Even though you may not be quoting directly in the creative paper, it will be inspired by one or more of the class readings. You still need to provide citations when you draw on specific primary or secondary sources whether or not you quote. You can either include the citations in the text of the project, or attach a separate sheet of paper

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