Civil Engineer

Why I decided to be a Civil Engineer

My universe

            Civil engineering completes my universe. Nothing else I have ever done or thought of doing in life that can match civil engineering in terms of immense joy and satisfaction I derive from the discipline. There exists not even a single day or occasion when I found a task from this field tiring or boring. Tasks from the discipline are quite challenging in terms of complexity and time but equally rewarding upon completion. My decision to join the world of civil engineering was more of a process rather than an event and was inspired by a myriad of factors like personal experiences, people, and World events along many other factors.

Critical role in the decision of choosing civil engineering

            Among the people who played a critical role in the decision of choosing civil engineering as my professional career are my parents. However, their contribution was indirect and at some instances was discouraging especially that of my father’s. My father is a medical doctor operating a line of hospitals inherited from my grandfather. Being his only child, my father saw in me an heir to continue the legacy from grandfather. He always insisted that I must take medicine as my career so thaticould be able to run the hospitals once he retired. Legacy was the only thing he was giving for my becoming a medical doctor.

Become a medical doctor

            Initially, I had bought my father’s way of thinking and accepted to become a medical doctor. However, in high school, I came across an article titled ‘the ten most disastrous engineering failures’ on the internet. I went through the article and what I discovered compelled me to do some more research. Most of the accidents resulted to massive deaths, loss of property and were attributed to engineering mistakes. I felt that these accidents were preventable hence the loss of property and lives. Upon further research, I realized the beauty in civil engineering in terms of gigantic, sophisticated, and professionally developed structures.

The process of developing the the structures

            The process of developing the the structures was to me the most interesting and I could not get enough of it. From studies I realized that some civil engineering structures are more than ten centuries old. The importance of a legacy that my father created in me was invoked and I felt that this was a very good avenue to leave a mark on the world. Hence I can conclude that my father succeeded in creating a desire for legacy but never convinced me to pursue medicine.

High school teacher

            My mother on the other hand is a high school teacher who believes that anyone can achieve anything in live provided he/she has enough passion and energy to work towards the goal. She constantly encouraged me to follow my heart when deciding what do in life. Her philosophy was that your heart can never mislead you. My mother convinced me to always follow passion whenever I had one. Having accumulated a lot of passion in civil engineering and desire for a legacy, finally I decided that this was my dream career in my final years of high school.

Civil engineering was my field of work

            Once I decided that civil engineering was my field of work, I embarked on a series of research on the discipline. In high school, I synthesized a lot of materials regarding the topic from the largest building to the largest bridges and airports in the world. The benefits and requirements of becoming a civil engineer were also some of the topics i studied and widely consulted about in high school. In my final year of high school, I also attended some few seminars about civil engineering. The studies and the seminars led to clear view of the discipline in terms of what i was required to become a civil engineer and the gains expected.

Future without an option.

            The clear view of the subject also led to the confirmation that in deed civil engineering was my future without an option. The studies and the seminars I attended also provided some basic skills about the topic such as project management. After completing high school, made the obvious decision to take and undergraduate degree in civil engineering. Up-to-date, the knowledge I have acquired in the university about this discipline are immense. The research I started in high school has also continued and increased. The university provides a lot of research materials such as books and articles that enhance my study. The university also provides some research guidance that have played a critical role in the accumulating substantial knowledge. I have also participated various projects supervised by the university which have assisted in accumulating practical skills.

Personal qualities that assists me

            Since I was young, I have developed some personal qualities that assists me in my daily interaction with other people in outside civil engineering. The qualities also helps me in approaching my daily tasks which require a lot ofdiscipline and commitment. One such qualities is ability to work with or without supervision. This quality is highly applicable in approaching the university assignments. The assignments are usually take way from class with no supervision but have specific deadlines. The quality is also applicable when going about my personal research since they unsupervised and hence can fail miserably if I was to depend on supervision.

Ambition is another personal quality

            Ambition is another personal quality that I possess. Achievement has been my driving force in my school life. My mother’s principle of anything is achievable where there is desire has led to me setting higher goals in life and start to work towards them. The research that have been undertaking since high school have also made me more ambitious.   Ambition has assisted me to achieve good grades in academics especially in high school that helped to pursue my dream career. Ambition has also assisted me to move from one level to the next when undertaking projects.

Creativity is also a quality

            Creativity is also a quality that consider to have held for a very long time. This quality was also a determining factor when deciding to take civil engineering as a career. One of the reason that I declined to take medicine was because I thought the field never allowed for creativity I wanted in a career. Civil engineering is a field depends allows for extensive creativity in form of designs. I usually like to imagine things and try to actualize them.

Articulate is also another characteristics that I possess

            Articulate is also another characteristics that I possess. I have an ability to explain concepts and directions to others with a lot of ease. I have used this articulate characteristics in negotiating with others, for instance, when convincing my father my decision to take civil engineering and declining medicine. My father was very frustrated but I was able to convince him that I will be able to manage the hospitals even when I was a civil engineer.

Cooperative and very team oriented

            I am also highly cooperative and very team oriented. I perform usually play my duties towards the achievement of a larger goal. This is the technique that I have highly depended on while approaching the university projects that are supposed to be taken in groups. The devastating effects of lack of this quality has been revealed when working with my colleagues in group project. Failure of one group member to perform his/her role can sabotage the entire project.

Transportation problems

            There are various problems existing the transportation sector. One of these problems include bridges with small load capacity than the expected loads on that transportation facility. Some of the existing bridges were designed a long time ago when the size of loads on those facilities was considerably small compared to current loads. Transportation of large loads has become a necessity. The biggest problem is that the some of these bridges do not indicate the required weight. Some of these bridges are also worn out and can bear the original weight they were designed to hold. Due to this problem various accidents have occurred from bridge collapsing. The problem has also led to loss of life and property in accidents.

            Lack of sufficient transportation facilities is also a huge problem in the transportation. The ratio of vehicles and trains on the rails and roads is very high hence leading to congestion in the facilities. Traffic jams and delayed trains is leading to high losses in major cities in the world. Overloading of the roads also makes them to wear out faster than expected. The amount of gas used by motorists in the traffic jams is so high in some cities such the governing authorities in those cities have come with measures to discourage private owned vehicles from using the roads in some days of the week. Train delays have also been a major cost to economies in terms of delayed cargo.

            Lack of Adequately skilled professionals is also a very major problem in the transportation sector. Unqualified engineers have been employed to design and develop facilities such as roads and rails. These engineers have led to poor quality facilities such as roads and rails. These roads wear out within a very short duration hence requiring rebuilding. These facilities have also led to losses in terms of accidents. Bridges have collapsed due to poor design and developing and caused massive losses.

Solutions to the problems

            Solving the problem of outdated and low capacity bridges can be done by an evaluation of all the existing bridges mostly those built more than ten years ago. A clear indication of the weight capacity on all bridges is necessary to ensure that heavy loaded vehicles avoid them. Height barriers should also be implemented to discourage high vehicles on those bridges as there is higher probability of these vehicles to be carrying very heavy loads. The next solution to these weak bridges is to redesign them and build them with higher load capacity.

            Lack of enough transport capacity can be solved using by a rapid expansion of the existing facilities. A proper expansion plan that takes the number of the users’ capacity and the anticipated growth. Proper use simulation should be done to ensure that the facilities with high return value are given the first priority. Proper use of the existing facilities should be encouraged to ensure that they are used optimumly. Coordination should be emphasized to ensure crises such as traffic jams do not occur and even if they occur they are solved.

            The solution to lack of enough professionals in the transportation sector can be encouraging students to pursue courses related to the transportation sector. For instance the number of students taking engineering courses at the university can be increased by marketing the courses to high schools students. Offering good payment terms to the engineers who join the transportation sector to encourage more people to join. Proper rules should be put in place to ensure that unqualified professionals who get involved in transportation projects are highly punished.

The Greatest Five the Transportation Problems

In the next five to ten years I expect to have

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