Cloud Computing 2


This is an individual assignment, NOT a group assignment. 

Perform a search in Google or in the school’s online library database for three (3) companies that have been victims of cloud-related security breaches AND/OR cloud providers that have been victims of security breaches. DO NOT use UBER, Marriott, or Equifax.


Minimum 2000 words— (not including Title page, Abstract, Introduction, and References page). 

Include the following headings in your paper:

I. Company Name—type of company—brief history—Industry—Customers (consumer, business, or both)

II. Type of threat

III. What or (who) caused the threat

IV. How the threat was discovered

V. How the threat was resolved

VI. Explain what and how you would have implemented to have prevented the intrusion. Use third person: e.g. One may argue; It may be concluded.

VII. Known repercussions from the threat (monetary, reputation, brand, customer loss, etc).


· Title page with your name

· Abstract

· Introduction

· Conclusion

· Reference page

· Minimum 10 references—DO NOT USE Wikipedia!

· USE APA 7. All in-text citations must be represented on the Reference page

· All papers will be checked for plagiarism in SafeAssign—ONLY SafeAssign at or below 20% will be accepted. 

This NOT a group assignment!

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