Cold War Assignment

This is an question focuses on the issue of the Cold War. You will complete two-pages (12pt font, Times New Roman, no margin changes, double-spaced, etc.),  to answer this question in the text box provided. This is a short 5-paragraph style essay response. Consider the question and use support from the chapters (mainly 23), videos, and PPTs to support your claims. This should be a 5 paragraph style short essay.

You can use outside sources, but if you quote from them, you must cite them parenthetically. Please upload the assignment in doc., docx, PDF, forms. 


Analyze the policy of containment. How did the United States enact this policy and what were the geopolitical issues underneath its implementation? 

Consider the foreign policy of the US during the Cold War and how this policy of containment impacted the aims of the US. 

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