College of Central Florida Workplace Substance Abuse Discussion

Please review the scenario and answer the following questions:

You are the HR manager of a high-end hotel that is known for excellent, round-the-clock service. Your hotel caters to your guests’ every whim and endeavors to make their stay with them a truly memorable experience. Guests are pleasantly surprised when they can make odd requests even in the wee hours of the morning and have them granted. A considerable amount of business is repeat guests returning frequently. Operationally the hotel is profiting handsomely because they avoid costly overstaffing by retaining only high-performing, driven employees that work long hours.

One day you find out through a fellow employee the secret behind the high performance from your staff. Apparently, most of your hotel staff is either smoking marijuana on the rooftop or taking other performance enhancing drugs during their breaks to get them through the long and hectic hours of their shifts. As the HR manager, what do you do? Be very detailed in your response. Does your answer to the first question differ if your hotel is in a state where marijuana use is legal? What are the responsibilities of a manager in dealing with substance abuse in the workplace? Your original post should be at least 5 sentences at the very least. Considering the content of this discussion, I’m expecting at least 2-3 full paragraphs. UTILIZE OUTSIDE RESOURCES TO SUPPORT YOUR OPINIONS

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