Increase in innovation: The level of technology in the contemporary world

Increase in innovation: The level of technology in the contemporary world

Question One

In the contemporary world, the level of technology has significantly changed9 due to an increase in innovation with the need to be both the best, attract new clients and be profitable. Additionally, the understanding of disruption entails the changes, which take place when new digital technologies, as well as business, affects the proposal of existing goods and services.  The focus of this is based on the driving forces of digital transformation, which entail a unique combination of events and trends that have led to a tipping point of digital change ( Kenney, Rouvinen, & Zysman, 2015). Further, this is due to the economic outlook or growth expectation to stay resilient to the strong support of domestic demand and merchandise exports. Blue SG is one of the companies that experience disruptive innovations which is changing due to the global trade, which has rapid innovation due to the digital market places mobile apps, e-commerce that most businesses are adopting.

Question Two

The extent to which a business model can address the business consist of the essential elements, which the company use to strategize in fulfilling its obligations to be competitive. The focus of BlueSG’s parent company is based on the value to be the leader in electronic storage as well as recyclable in the LMP battery. Even though the company is still not yet the leader in artificial intelligence, it has a mission in impacting the need to ensure the development of autonomous self-driving vehicles to affect the target market. There are several business models, which should be put into consideration to address the business model on the disruption. The development of the subscription model is one of them ( Kenney, Rouvinen, & Zysman, 2015). Substantially this aspect assists in locking the customers in by initiating an encouragement that is attached to the services and products that were previously bought on or as when they were necessary. The other aspect is the marketplace model, which creates the platform in which the connection between buyers and sellers can interact directly. Conversely, this establishes the marketplace, which becomes known to the suppliers of services and goods, which does not necessarily either produce or own the products or services. Lastly, the experience aspect is another business model in which the company will sell unique and intangible but valuable experiences. The customers are often considered to be willing to pay a premium because of the unique experiences attained when they interact with the company or product.

Question Three

The basics of a value proposition are to assist the company in making a marketing statement, which summarizes the reason as to why the customer needs to buy or use the product of the company and its service. Further, this statement is mainly used to convince the customers to purchase given products or services to improve o add value within their lives. The essential aspect to understand is that this presentation will assist in understanding the company’s branding to the targeted market. Therefore, it is imperative to realize that there are various ways in which this presentation will engage with business value proposition studies of BlueSG (Payne,   & Frow,  P. (2014).  Notably, these measures in which the presentation participate in value proposition consist of the creation of shared value with the users to experience the public access of electric vehicles. These have the basics of payable per use, which can be flexible transport options with either direct ownership or single trip. Similarly, the other element is that this presentation describes the organization of BlueSG company in terms of its operations. The focus on this is through the determination of significant innovation solution to the transport network and additional options in transportation.


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