Cpmgt300 Project Management 1 Week 2

Use the same company/project idea you used in this week’s Learning Team assignment.

Prepare a visual presentation for the project sponsor and other executives of the company that describes the team structure for the project. Be sure to use Chapters 6 and 8 from Leading Project Teams as your primary source of information. 

Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation with speaker notes discussing how these concepts apply to the project you wrote about with your learning team and include the following: Be sure to apply all of the concepts listed below to the company/project idea you used from this week’s Learning Team Assignment. The 6 fundamentals of team structure The 5 stage model of team development The stages in the life cycle of the project The team leadership needed at each stage of the project life cycle The roles of the project leader in team management (internal and external) Include an introduction or agenda slide, a conclusion slide and a slide with at least two APA formatted references.

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