Critical Thinking 19949863

As critical thinkers, we greatly benefit by determining what people assume. What people assume is not always said out loud. Briefly summarize a conversation that you recently had or have had in the past (note that this could also be a conversation that you heard). List at least two assumptions that were made during the conversations but were not said out loud. How did you know that these were assumptions (that they were taken for granted)? Were these assumptions true, or were they questionable? When do you think it is appropriate to point out that someone’s assumptions are false? 

Please be sure to include ideas from the textbook that might be relevant to your discussion.


When I arrive at work today I walked up to a group of coworkers who were talking about when the promotions email would come out. Josh stated that promotions would only come out on a tuesday and not monday. Erick stated that he believed that on Wednesday before five P. M the promotion list was coming out. I stated that promotions generally comes out on a Monday or Tuesday because the ceromony has to be on a friday to take effect on status change.

The first assumption was that promotions came out on tuesday, The second assumption was that promotions would come out on a wednesday. I knew these were assumptions due to nobody having solid proof in writing of these theories. As far as poiting out that someone’s assumptions are false.. you can at anytime but do it in a quiet manner not to embarrass them or yourself for that matter and be respectful.

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