Cs 19935253


This activity gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your programming skills by solving one programming problem from chapter 13 and presenting it to your colleagues. Directions Part I: Complete Your Original Response to the Main Topic

The requirement of this activity for this module is for every student to solve one programming problem from the book, and post the source code in the discussion board for further analysis and discussion. In order to have more diversity of problems from the chapter, each student will select a problem number using the process described below. Selecting the Problem Number to Use

Consider the following rules in calculating the problem number to solve: Find the absolute value of the difference between 21 and the remainder of the division of your student ID by 21. Posting the Solution

Once you determine the problem number, complete the solution to that problem. When you are satisfied with your solution, click the Reply link below to post in this discussion forum. In the first line of your post, your should add the chapter number, problem number, and page number of your problem. Your posting must include the source code along with explanations of how you have solved the problem.  

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