Curriculum Vitae 19935139

For this assignment, I need my resume converted over to a Curriculum Vitae CV). A CV is a written overview of someone’s life’s work. The CV should be longer than the attached resume, including an academic diary that includes all experiences, certificates, and publications. Follow my resume and please add I’ll have a Masters Degree in May 2021. Experiences include travel to the UAE, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Thailand, Bangkok, Dominican Republic. I’ve done Mission work with orphan children in Thailand and the Dominican Republic. I volunteer with the Galveston County Democrat coalition for local voting and national voting. I’m a certified mediator from the University Of Houston Clear-Lake. I a mentor for troubled youth and I advocate for spreading awareness for teen pregnancy. Please add all of this and more if you desire. make it look nice and important. Please follow the CV template. Any questions send me a message or call 409-996-3605

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