Data Analysis 19552667

The CDC is proposing to train public health professionals nationally on improving Influenza A prevention strategies targeting particular high-risk groups in the state. In order to prepare for next year’s flu season, the CDC needs to identify the locations where possible mass vaccination clinics need to be set up.

You are the head of a nine-member public health committee at the state public health department. You need to present the proposed data analysis design to the public health department chair. Your proposed data analysis design should include the following: A proposal for the research design. A sample, methods, and data analysis strategy that you would use for this study. Specifics of your research. Updated estimates on the number of influenza cases and related hospitalizations and deaths in your state in the previous years. An analysis of data by geographical area. An analysis of data by demographics. Key flu indicators and their prevalence in your state. Recommendations on the locations of future clinics.

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