Db 1st

You are the new manager for a family-owned coffee shop.  The shop’s owners asked you to develop a disaster recovery plan for its office.  The office consists of two back rooms, one room is the office, with all of the electronic equipment and paper files; the other is for storage of non-electronic  equipment.  

You , your sister, and your cousin who is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in information technology (IT) work in the office.  The electronic equipment in the office includes a desktop, a laptop, an external hard drive backups, a wireless router, and two printers.  In addition, each family member has a smartphone.

Discuss the following:

Choose either a natural or man-made disaster.  Create a disaster recovery plan that outlines emergency strategies, backup procedures, recovery steps, and a test plan.  Assign each family member a role for each phase of the disaster recovery plan.

Your initial post must be at least 75 words.

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