Disciplinary methods used by british factory owners.


Give your view of the disciplinary methods used by British factory owners.  Do you agree with measures used? Why or why not Response must be at least a solid paragraph (5-6 sentences minimum). 

Response: Needs to be 1-2 sentences

I absolutely do not agree with the inhumane measures used by the British factory owners. These methods of keeping the children awake in order for them to work already unjust hours were cruel. I, myself only grew up in a family owned business, having to help work at a young age, but luckily never having to sustain a beating; yet I adamantly disagree with children at work. Kids suffer from the abuse well into their adulthood. I agree with the author of “Child Labor: Discipline in the Textile Mills,” with the labelling of “The Sadistic Overlooker.”  It is cruel and sadistic to want to discipline children and adults using those methods. 

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