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If you have not yet done so, follow the directions provided in The Wall Street Journal Campus page to create your WSJ account. Then search for a WSJ article related to the business use of digital intelligence that you find interesting. Topics you might consider include data breaches, leveraging big data, data regulations, and data mining.

Write an initial discussion post with three parts: Provide a very brief summary of the WSJ article. Include the article’s title and author. Describe what you found interesting about the article and how it relates to this week’s learning: Does the article reinforce or challenge what you have learned or experienced about the uses of digital intelligence? In what ways? Pose a question for your peers to respond to. Your question may be something specific concerning the article content itself, or it can be a broader question about a business intelligence issue that the article prompted you to think about.

A well-developed post, one that would be considered distinguished, is usually 250–350 words, on topic, provides examples, and relates what you’re saying to the course content.

Post your initial discussion response by Thursday to allow time for your peers to respond. Response Guidelines

After posting your initial response, read your peers’ posts and respond to at least two. Answer the questions posed, and discuss why you would or would not be interested in reading the entire article yourself based on the summary.

A well-developed response is generally stated in 50–100 words. Post two peer responses by Sunday; the discussion ends at midnight central standard time on Sunday.

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