Discussion 4 Socw 6060


Hello, class!

Please follow the directions carefully.

1. Identify the special population you chose to research. The article MUST BE A RESEARCH-BASED STUDY!! That’s what EMPIRICAL means.

2. FOUR PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS related to the population your chose. It should be very clear what the TWO psychological factors are and the TWO social factors.

3. Specify which psychosocial factor your intervention will target.

4. Remember that outcomes should be measurable goals or objectives your intervention seeks to attain. How will the client’s functioning be improved as a result of intervention? 

5. From what you’ve read and explored about the psychosocial model, how is it beneficial to use? 

Be sure to integrate support throughout your post. Cite and reference, following APA style guidelines. 

 (2) a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) individual,  

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