Discussion Assignmentgreatergreatergreatergreater Management Principles For Health Information Management

 Subject: Management Principles for Health Information Management)

Research one of the following professional organizations; AAPC, ACHE, ACDIS, AHA, AHIMA, AMA, AMIA, HFMA, HIMSS, MGMA, NAHAM, NAHQ, NCRA, or another which applies to your current or future healthcare discipline.  Post Parts I & II in your initial response and respond/reply to at least one classmate in the discussion forum.

PART I – Within your initial discussion or post, comment on the following items:
• Provide insight on how this organization can provide guidance to your profession.
• Discuss whether or not you would join this organization and explain why.
• Explain how you think the members of this organization might be competitors for roles traditionally held by your profession/discipline.

PART II – Leadership in your profession means being involved.  Most of you are located in New Jersey, although some are in other states. 

For those of you in the HIM program when you join AHIMA, you are automatically a member of your state association as well (NJHIMA for most).  There are also local/regional associations focused on different parts of each state. 

For students in the Health Science program investigate local associations which apply to your healthcare discipline. Find what local/regional association is closest to you  Give one idea of how you can get involved at the state or local/regional association

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