Discussion Five Major Child Development Topics A Personal Analysis

The readings, this week, were arranged around five major topics related to child development: attachment, empathy, trauma, resilience, and global child development concerns. In the past weeks, you have encountered each of these topics; however, there are two reasons why, at the end of this course, you are asked to revisit them. First, each is currently being studied by scientists from such disciplines as medicine, psychology, sociology, early childhood, and/or neuroscience. Therefore, each is a vital example of multidisciplinary efforts focusing on child development today. Second, each of these five topics represents areas of child development that extend beyond a specific age group. Whether you are looking at attachment, empathy, trauma, resilience or global child development concerns, you are examining topics that affect children prenatally and continue to influence development through adulthood.

When you think about the five topics, and review the titles of the readings, ask yourself these questions: Which topic catches my attention? What is it about attachment, empathy, trauma, resilience, or a global child development concern that speaks to me personally and/or inspires me professionally? Which of these areas would I like to explore further?

From the five major topics, choose one to which you feel a strong personal connection, and read the three articles on that topic. By Day 3

Post: A brief summary of the three readings for your topic A reflective statement about why you chose this topic

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