Discussion The Cage Analysis

For this course, each discussion will introduce you to a business-related decision making tool to add to your “leadership toolbox”. These tools will assist you with your future assignments throughout your program. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of our outstanding Trident online library when conducting your research and preparing your response. 

Please conduct some research and describe the CAGE Distance Framework in your own words. Next, identify how you can use the CAGE Distance Framework in your profession. List the pros/cons of using a CAGE Distance Framework in a business setting. Lastly, explain how this new “tool” compares to the tools you learned in previous discussions. When preparing for this discussion, you may find the following article helpful which can be located in our Trident online library:

Malhotra, S., Sivakumar, K., & Zhu, P. (2009). Distance factors and target market selection: The moderating effect of market potential. International Marketing Review, 26(6), 651-673ç

In each discussion forum, students are expected to respond to the prompt by providing an informed, rigorous, and professional post. The initial post should be at least 150 or more words. In addition, students are required to respond at least 2 times to their classmates’ posts in a similarly informed, rigorous, and professional manner. Peer replies should be at least 100 or more words in order to qualify as substantive. Refer to the discussion rubric for more details.

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